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Back on Track After the Weekend

My LAST first day of college, 13 lbs ago.

Same jeans, January 12, 2010.

I noticed over the weekend that my weight was falling because I wasn’t porking out all day out of respect for my wife’s desire to not stuff her face 10x per day. It’s hard to not eat when “everyone else” is eating. However, I also noticed that my jeans were quite snug. Granted, they were some of my oldest jeans, but it’s not like I’ve grown any since I was 18. I still wear a 29-inch waist and can’t imagine needing to move up to a 30 or 31.

They weren’t just snug at the waist (which consisted of a slight roll coming over the waistband), but also my thighs. When I’m driving, I like to have some room down there to keep the blood flowing. I have a bad enough time keeping my legs from doing numb due to a bony butt, I don’t need my clothes impinging blood flow. Nevertheless, I thought this event was going to be limited to those jeans.

Then I put these on this morning. You have no idea how badly I want a before/after shot with these jeans. This is a pair of 29W 30L Levi’s 527’s. They are a low-rise boot cut and are the only jeans I’ve found in the last 3 years that didn’t have a crotch that hangs down to my knees. Despite a perfect fit in the waist, these were seriously baggy in the thighs 2-3 weeks ago. The kind of baggy that leaves one self-conscious when sitting next to people who can and do fill up their pant legs. Now I’m one of those people.

I started out my day with my omelet and we bought 3 6-packs of Boost Plus yesterday, so I can have 3/day for an extra 1,000 Calories/day again. I feel way heavier than yesterday already, and I haven’t even had lunch.

If this keeps up, I will need new jeans. Wouldn’t that be a blessing?!