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Fatboy Gets Juiced Up – Testosterone Injection

So, here is a Fatboy first: a video. My shipment of testosterone came today, so I shot up because the shipment was a week late and I can’t wait until Sunday because I can already feel my levels dropping. Here goes… hope it’s medically correct!

Correction: not twice per week. Twice per month.

Males with cystic fibrosis have historically low testosterone levels, something I wish they knew when I was 12! It brings about all sorts of adverse side effects, such as

  • decreased energy levels
  • decreased muscle mass
  • decreased liver function
  • decreased libido
  • decreased appetite
  • decreased bone density leading to osteoprosis
  • increased mood swings

None of those are very good, and to have all of them really decreases one’s quality of life, especially when you are thrown into a rough time in life and have low energy and a mood swing at the same time. That leads straight into depression, which I can attest to after losing my job early last year.

I told my doctor about my symptoms and said that whenever they had me on the skin patches or cheek tablets that go in your mouth until they dissolve, I didn’t notice any differences. He said it was time to try IM testosterone (shoot it straight into the skeletal muscle). Holy cow, that works for me!

I immediately (well, the next day) felt more energy, was hungrier, and well… happier. The day after that, though, I had a huge mood swing. I’d call it male PMS – I was raging at everything and anything. Anything would set me off: a weird look from Beautiful, a conversation that wasn’t going my way, or even sometimes waking up straight into a foul mood. When you’re in the kitchen making eggs before talking to anyone and you’re mad, it’s a “raging day.” It’s something we sort of joke about now because we sometimes don’t realize it until we’ve been at each other’s throats for an hour and sometimes don’t realize it until the next day… “oh, you had your shot 2 days ago, haha!”


  1. Very cool post. And I'm really glad you don't want to be a butt head at church. LOL!

  2. It's been the cause of fighting all the way there and then putting on a
    happy face. ;-/

  3. BTW, my thighs did not have that nice of a target 4 months ago. I think I would have hit bone by the time the needle got to the point it got there at the end… see that's got to be more than 1 1/4″ deep.

  4. That's certainly something I've never seen on a video before!
    I'm not sure if I should say “thanks!” or “are you nuts?”

  5. For stabbing myself with a 1.5″ needle or recording myself stabbing myself
    with a 1.5″ needle or reording myself stabbing myself with a 1.5″ needle and
    then posting it on the Internet?

  6. Yeah, I noticed that it was way in there. Maybe a little gross for some people but I think it's a great insight to a little bit of what you deal with. We miss being a part of that since you got all grown up. 😉

    It seems to me that the testosterone levels explain a whole lot of the issues you've been dealing with over the years.

  7. Yeah, it becomes abundantly clear after Dr. Rolfe says, “Oh, you don't have
    any mojo!” It still didn't work until we used the right delivery method,

  8. All of the above!

  9. Unknowncystic says

    Oh, man. That looked like a lot of fun. I feel for you. I had to do two shots a day in my stomach for over a year for a blood clot and I would choose those shots over having to stick myself in the leg like you just did. I don't know if I could do it. I still think you should go back to your doctor and try the daily stomach gel again. It really should work. I don't get why it didn't for you.

  10. When Aetna Specialty Pharmacy said they were discontinuing stocking the IM
    vials, my primary care doc filled a script for a gel that I rub on my
    shoulders. I did that until they changed their mind about the IM meds, and I
    never got any improvement like I do with getting the jolt and slow
    metabolizing of the ball in my muscle.

    I'd just as soon have them inject in my glutes, but I'm getting more and
    more used to it. I'd like to get Beautiful trained to shoot me in the
    glutes, but we don't know how to find the site so I don't get it in a nerve
    or artery.

  11. Oh, and I have enough daily things to concern myself with. That's the main reason I suck at being compliant. I can remember every other weekend a lot easier than doing that every day.

  12. Unknowncystic says

    You are the MAN! 🙂

  13. justsomeguy says

    You want to pin yourself at the midpoint of the thigh and about 30 – 45 degrees external of the centerline (top) of your thigh. I prefer injecting in the glute though, less feeling that way and my leg isn’t sore for a couple of days.

  14. I know this is an old post, but I’m an embryologist – BEWARE of the side effects that straight testosterone injections can have on your ability to reproduce (beyond the difficulties most CF males have already…

  15. I am 30 and also have CF.  My doctor (non-CF) prescribed testosterone cream for me instead of injections. I have been on it for 1 month.  I am wondering why you use injections over cream.  I definitely notice an increase in strength, but am always fatigued, and the testosterone cream hasn’t improved it.  Any info is greatly appreciated.

  16. Have your testosterone checked by your physician. I’m glad I did. Instead of injections, he recommended to take the Dr Max Powers Testosterone Boost – and I have been on it for over one month now. What a difference this has made in my life.  I was about 70 lbs. overweight. Within days of taking the testosterone, I lost my fatigue and my energy levels sky-rocketed. My wife has had to deal with new and increased interest from me, but we have been working that out between us. My testosterone level was 166. I feel like I’m 25 years old again.