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Long Day and Lots of Exercise

I got to sleep in today until about 9:30 after taking an Ambien around 10pm to shut my mind off and “sleep deep” like I so enjoy. I totally didn’t meet my caloric goals for the day, with a pitiful 2800 Calories (including the Boost Plus next to me now) and I’m still hungry. I can’t eat, though, because Beautiful crashed on the couch 20′ from the kitchen and she didn’t get much more than 2 hours of sleep last night. Welcome to the married life of one person having CF and the other who doesn’t. I’ve lost a decent amount of weight today, but that’s just normal if I don’t pig out. One day it will hover where I want it to without stressing over the numbers. For now, hopefully I can get her to bed and grab a bunch of food before things get quiet again to get my numbers up to where they need to be.

Right after breakfast, I did something I don’t remember the last time I did it: albuterol, Pulmozyme, Colistine, and 7% saline all followed up by a Vest treatment. I did all four aerosols when we got home (hold on, I’m gettting to it) but was unable to do the Vest for above-mentioned reason.

I worked on my Spanish homework that us due at midnight Sunday night while I did my aerosols and then we ate some lunch before heading out to the flea market. We walked around for a good 90 minutes to 2 hours in the (mostly) fresh air. Some people just don’t grasp the Florida statute that says if there is a roof of any kind over your head, it’s considered to be indoors… plus the area that is off-limits from egressing and ingressing. That pretty much rules out everywhere but the parking lot. Anyway, up and down each of those buildings was surely a couple of miles.

We got her engagement ring repaired for $25 by an Old World Greek master jeweler and paid him an extra $2 for polishing her wedding band.

It was definitely the most exercise I’ve had since our last amusement park venture, but without any coughing this time.