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My Secret Weapon for Medicated Weight Gain

Over a year ago, I complained about a severe lack of appetite. “There’s nothing out there for me,” I said, “everything is all about appetite suppression.” That day, I filled a prescription for Megase. Reading the literature, it’s commonly used for cancer patients who’ve lost their appetite while on chemotherapy and AIDS patients who have chronic loss of appetite.

Megase is also a generic and only costs me $15 for 900mL of milky solution with my insurance. It’s semi-nasty in taste, but nothing that doesn’t quickly wash down with a swig of something nice.

How does it work? I’m not sure, scientifically, but I could look it up. Here’s how it works for me. If I take it 30-90 minutes before a meal, I’m absolutely starving when it’s time to eat. When I take it right before eating (or before), I don’t seem to feel full. The chemical from the stomach to the brain just gets lost somewhere. I would keep on eating if it weren’t so darn uncomfortable to eat 3lbs of food in one sitting.

When to use it to its best potential:

  • before a holiday meal (e.g., Easter, Thanksgiving, & Christmas)
  • before ordering a big pizza
  • before entering a friendly eating contest with your much larger friends
  • any time you just don’t feel hungry