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Start Your Day with a 1,000 Calorie Breakfast

970 Calorie BreakfastI try to start every day with a high-protein breakfast, loaded with as many calories as is reasonable so early in the morning. I grew up on cereal, but I’ve recently needed to switch to eggs because of the progressive nature of diabetes, and I am trying to stop the glucose trend I’m on with diet alone. So far, so good. Here is what my breakfast looks like:

Let’s run down what’s in this monster meal, shall we?

  • 3 large eggs, scrambled up with 2 tbsp of cold water, 2 tsp salt, and 2 tsp of pepper. When I’m in the mood, I’ll drizzle some olive oil in, too.
  • 3 slices of American cheese, not cheese food!
  • 5 slices of thin honey ham.
  • 12 oz of sweet tea.
  • Publix-brand Boost Plus drink (ice cold)

This takes me about 6-10 minutes to make, depending on how awake I am in order to condense steps… like turning on the burner early. I’d swear that one of these days the sheer weight of the omelet will break the glasstop stove when I flip it over. Grand total nutritional content: 970 Calories, 50.5g fat, and 53g of protein… and all before 7:30am!

On a cereal day, use whole, vitamin D milk, a lower-sugar cereal, like Corn Chex or Shredded Wheat, and drink something like Boost or Ensure for even more protein.


  1. Cysticgal says

    omg, I just realized, I do the same thing as you – only opposite. I eat like 1000 calories before bed so I wake up HUNGRY as h. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, CG!

    Ahh, that works, too. I like to go to bed full, but Beautiful goes to bed
    3-5 hours before I crash, so I can't be fixing up a storm in the kitchen. I
    try to have another Boost Plus before bed or look for other snacks. What I
    really want now is nachos and queso, but that would be HOT queso from the
    micro, so I've settled on Kraft Easy Cheese on wheat thins.

    Lately, I've been so bloated, though, it's been uncomfortable in any
    position, so I'm definitely going to take the advice I got today and try my
    acidophilus every meal. We keep the good stuff in the fridge where it
    belongs after opening.

  3. My grandson’s doctor recommended those flavoured creamers for coffee – you can add a squirt to milk, cereal or even take a mouthful every so often, fat content is huge and sugar content is not too bad ๐Ÿ™‚ย