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We Went for a Walk

We started my exercise routine today. My wife said she’d be willing to get up any time or drop anything to exercise with me to know that I’m exercising and visually improving. It wasn’t much of a walk, but it was a start. We trotted off to the mailbox about 1/4 mile away and made a full loop around the neighborhood on the way back, so we put in about 3/4 of a mile and saw just how many townhomes in our development have lock boxes on the doorknobs!

I’m not comfortable pushing it just yet, because I can feel that my lungs feel more like plastic than rubber, if you know the feeling. I sit at the computer and work all day, so the only deep breaths I take are when I’m coughing. Without those deep breaths, it feels like my lungs have taken on a “use it or lose it” mentality of their own. It feels like I’m only breathing with the top 1/3 of my lungs and my diaphragm can’t pull air down any further just yet.

The goal is to get there. Then the goal is to start jogging. I was on the track team in Jr. High, so I know if I can get back to that stage, my wife will have a hard time keeping up, because I was darn good for my stature. Yup, I just threw down the gauntlets.


  1. Love your wife's attitude! I would do anything for my husband and while he still had his old CF lungs, I would try to get him walking just about anywhere.

    After his double lung transplant, I bought him a chocolate Labrador Retriever to get him up and using those new lungs every day. We now have two dogs that keep him active when he wants to sit in front of the computer and play games online. 🙂

    Almost 6 years after his double lung transplant, he is able to run. Not that he is much of a runner but he can if he wants!

    Keep up the great work and kudos to your wonderful wife!

  2. Jesse Petersen says

    Isn't she amazing!? I had some mental switch go off last night after I spent 2 hours on another blog. I'll admit to fantasizing about having new lungs, but I can't put her through that before she knows I've done everything as long as I can.

    Funny you mention getting a dog… we've been thinking about it for a couple of months now, since I stumbled on Dog Whisperer. Just love the idea of walking/running a well-balanced pit bull. Oh, the power of this dude! /grin!