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Another Busy Day Ahead

Some people have jobs. Some people stay at home and play video games. Some people go to school. Beautiful might say that I do all three, but you’d have to scratch the “stay at home” part about playing video games. That’s a late night event for me… when I have the time.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow can be somewhat relaxing. On my to-do list now:

  • wrap up some logo delivery files for a client first thing
  • work on some more Spanish homework, but I’m pretty much stuck
  • try to reduce one of my papers by nearly half
  • try to get my thesis statement and opening presentation down for another paper
  • go to my in-laws for lunch and an afternoon (which includes Spanish help) before Beautiful’s sister leaves for grad school again
  • get some sun at the pool to de-stress
  • continue working on other client projects if Beautiful has her mind set on things other than me

I’m a walking contradiction right now: I will be so proud to graduate in 4 weeks, and I can’t wait to be done with this hectic entrepreneurship/school combination. Long-time family friends are impressed with my grit to finish with such a flurry of final courses in the last year, but I am beginning to question the wisdom in this schedule. At least it will ALL be over with for good in less than a month. I have one final and one paper, two Spanish exams, and a composition project remaining. I yearn for a weekend to just get it all done except the exams.

Maybe next weekend… after my Spanish exam.


  1. I might be almost as relieved as you are when you get done. 😉 When we finished our big tower project, I was feeling sort of at loose ends for a while, wondering what to do with all the new-found time in my day. That didn't last long. LOL!

  2. Got the Spanish done, now I'm correcting my Adv. Comp. work that she sent
    back for re-work. Apparently I don't so hot on the exam work.