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BMI: 21.04

I need to read up on customizing the posts for certain categories so these can just be a title and photo. I am a Thesis theme designer, after all. Stay tuned for some major site changes as soon as I get that worked out.

Anyway, I hit 21.04 tonight, which was not my high weight for the day, I can assure you. The 21 barrier has been broken, at last! Onward and upward to 22 this week.

I went “geek” and made a new area in my BMI Excel sheet to see what weight each BMI milestone is for my height. I’m not so sure 25 BMI is a good idea unless it’s all muscle, but since that’s the kind of weight I’m going for, I might as well go for an all-muscle 25.

It should be noted that this scale begins October 21st, 2006 when Beautiful said, "I do" when I was a measly sub-16 BMI at ~92lbs.

16 93.22
17 99.05
18 104.88
19 110.70
20 116.53
21 122.36
22 128.18
23 134.01
24 139.83
25 145.66