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Don’t Let Backsliding Discourage You

Don't be discouragedThings are looking way up from just 10 days ago nary two quarters to rub together in our business account after paying both our taxes and the estimated quarterly tax payment. It wasn’t going to be a fun month if I couldn’t bring in what I normally pay myself, but everything is running like a well-oiled machine now, and we are ahead of plans if everything arrives. “The check is in the mail,” they say.

I got on the scale this morning and was already 122lbs for the day. Now that I’ve had my lunch and a 20oz Gatorade, I’m feeling downright heavy. Today should be a good, good day for my weight.

What changed?

I’ve had to change several things in the last week to bounce back.

  • We are part of a new small group at church (last week was our 5th week), but I went ahead and told them we were under financial stress…
  • … that week, I completed two websites and have been paid for 75% of everything involved so far. It created some 20-hour days, but everything worked out.
  • I am back on Megase for my appetite since I lose almost all of my appetite when I’m stressed out.
  • I am taking a semi-regular dose of Xanax to help with the stress to lessen the appetite issue even more, and make me a more tolerable husband.
  • My thrush was back – bad! – and I’m taking that treatment, so now I’m theorizing that I can taste food a little better now and appreciating it more.
  • I’m keeping my fluids up better.
  • I’m exercising and did my t-shot last Friday when it was due.

Don’t let a bump discourage you

Like I said when I created this site, gaining weight is a struggle, even though I began with a higher weight than my historical weight. This little ebb and flow, peak and valley is just proof of how fast I can lose weight. I was down to 114 one morning and my lowest evening weight was 116. Beautiful was not happy about that and I had to do some strategy to get the weight back. Sometimes you need that accountability.


  1. cfjourney says

    so glad to hear the good news! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Thanks. I've got an update today if I can squeeze it in around my
    other stuff. We found out exactly why the medical bills are rolling
    in. It's actually good news, in a twisted way.

  3. cfjourney says

    medical bills.. good news?

  4. I posted how that can be in my article today.