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Fatboy Hits a New BMI High: 20.74

For those keeping track with the scales and the chart in the sidebar, that’s 123lbs! Two more pounds until I can take another picture, which I’m afraid won’t look too much different than the last just because the weight seems to be re-distributing itself and converting into muscle.

In an act of hilarity, we went to my in-laws’ tonight and I hopped on their Wii Fit for the first time in 84 days. I’d gained 11.4lbs and went from a skinny little dude to the size seen here in an instant. It was hilarious how I just ballooned up! I think it thought I’d be upset to see that, but I wasn’t, so the laugh’s on it.

I went to the neighborhood gym last night and worked on my biceps, quads, and lats. I had some unexpected soreness in my forearms today and driving my manual transmission was… fun… not being able to extend my right arm all the way to 5th gear without a shot of pain. I’m determined to make my upper body look how I want it (because I know I can because I have naturally sculptable muscles that respond well to weight training) and then struggle to build up much-needed mass on my bottom half. Having a butt now is nice, but (no pun intended) I want the whole package of quads, hammies, and calves. Why?

With good legs comes the ability to drive my lungs to better performance with tireless running.

Here is my weight chart going back a few months on our Wii at home to illustrate another point:

You have to keep at it! Gaining weight with CF is all about perseverance. I’m working this hard so I have the “luxury” of getting sick and not devastating my weight, or taking it easy on the food when we’re out with other family who would die eating like I have to.

Think about it. When you’re with a bunch of 30-80 yr-old  people watching their weight, cholesterol, sodium, etc., you can’t just pig out in front of them all day; it’s rude! I’m not sure what we’re going to do on our next family vacation, but I’ll figure something out. The last one was easy: we had an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet every day and went out to dinner at night. Had I stayed properly hydrated, I probably would have porked right up.

Next stop: 125lbs!


  1. Unknowncystic says

    Great news on the weight gain. Also glad you're getting use out of your Wii Fit. My is collecting dust.

  2. I actually started to email you about the “typo” on your weight before I noticed the date of the weight. ROFLOL!

    Anyway, the new weight & bmi are great. Keep pressing on. And you can pig out in front of me all you want. 😉