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Good Living Is Paying Off

I will admit that I was skeptical about what compliance and eating like a steer on growth hormones, but I’ve gotta say, it’s working.

It feels good to wake up and not feel like a tiny wimp, rather a tired lug from a hard day’s work the day before. I used to feel small in bed, but now I feel like I take up more space. I know I don’t physically take up more space because my frame is the same size as before, but the mentality has amazing results.

It feels good to take a deep breath. Yes, pretty deep. Several seconds longer than before. I can feel that elasticity coming back that I was longing for on our first walk around the neighborhood. I am coughing way less often than before; I’m even coughing less than other people in classes and church. That feels great!

Today I did something unimaginable at the beginning of the semester, and even last semester after IVs: I walked up the four flights of stairs in my English building to get to the Spanish department. My legs suffered worse than my lungs did. I breathed deeper for a minute or two, but never coughed. I think it might be time to try running.

I don’t have a “fat” feeling any more at my new weight. I don’t feel like I’m bloated or putting it in weird areas. While my cheeks don’t show the weight as much now, I feel more solid. I fill my jeans and shirts better. I did some push-ups a couple of nights ago and still feel pumped, so I’m motivated to lift again. I can’t wait to see my physical gains with a proper testosterone level this time around.