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Pork-Out Weekend

We sure had a fun weekend of sun, food, and exercise. It was our first trip to the beach in 2010 and I escaped burn-free by assuming my usual position under the palm trees in my reclining beach chair, munching on trail mix and drinking Gatorade. What a time! The weather was perfect (84 with 5mph breeze) and we were there just long enough to make it worth the drive.

Sunday was my piggy went to market day and I balanced it out with an incredible amount of exercise. Exercise like I haven’t done in… years. The in-laws got DDR Hottest Dance Party 2 for Christmas ’09, but I probably didn’t play more than 10-15 minutes back then and not again since. I busted out moves for at least 30 minutes yesterday, much to the protesting of my left calf. Apparently someone behind me thought I’d want a record of my efforts; I found this on my iPhone when I went to e-mail myself my BMI photo. I think it’s time to get DDR for our house!

Dinner was the Easter usual pork roast and potatoes. I’d already eaten lunch and snacks all afternoon, but I was ready for more. I accidentally left one of my Boost Plus in their fridge, but I had more at home, so I got another one down before bedtime. Thinking that I had a pretty good day of eating and feeling bigger than ever, I thought it was time to check my BMI.

Yeah, that’s a new record! I’m not sure what’s up with the scale vs. Wii BMI, but this should be an all-time high weight for me, but it was a tie. You’d think that the BMI and weight would match on any given day, but it must not have been in recent days, since this is a BMI record.

Anyway, onward and upward to 125lbs!