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2010 Great Strides Walk – I won

Great Strides Tampa 2010I made my Great Strides walk a race. I didn’t want anyone walking faster than me; after all, I am a superhero who goes by the name of Fatboy. The walk started at the entrance of the Lowry Park Zoo and led us around a mile or so loop around the exhibits. It was pretty easy stuff, but I had a hard time getting my team to keep up with the poor guy with 58% lung function. Can you tell I’ve got a competitive streak a mile wide and won’t take pity from anyone? I’ll cream you before you give me pity.

When we finished our first lap, Doogie Howser was standing at the Entrance/Exit thanking us for coming. We were done in 17 minutes, so there was no way we were going after waiting an hour for the walk to start… after a 40 minute drive to the zoo… after 5 months of raising funds. It’s supposed to be a 5k, after all… so we told him we were going around again until we hit 3.1 miles as he got on his radio/phone to find out why the heck I wanted to keep dragging my team around the zoo at 6:47 in the evening.

For the second lap, let’s just say that my team revolted by going to the bathroom at the start and stopping at almost every exhibit (including the turkeys… yes, turkeys at the zoo). All in all, it was a good night and we raised over $1,200 for CF research. I’ll bet my CF coordinator/nurse will be telling the doctors about the exercise beast that I am next week. They should be impressed – I won the “race.”


  1. I'm proud of ya! Even though no one else wanted it to be a race you stuck to your guns and made it a race. The apple definitely didn't fall far from the tree. LOL!.

    BTW, I wonder why these walks are so short these days. I remember doing one for another charity (March of Dimes, I think) when I was in high school and it was 20 miles. You raised the pledges by the mile. I just checked their web site & the longest one I saw was only 5 miles.

  2. Bunch of pansy wimps! I can do more with less. The bike ride in Oct.
    is 20 miles.