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A Renewed Effort at Porking Out

The last few days have been a second wind of my effort to hit the next BMI level. I want to wake up every day over 120lbs first and then wake up to 125lbs every day not too long after. This morning’s weigh in was 116.5 on the bathroom scale.

I’ve been shoveling cereal spoon doses of Megase several times a day so I never feel full. I ate an entire Stouffer’s stir fry-style chicken alfredo on Monday. That was a good effort, and I think that extra weight stayed with me. I’ve been pushing back 3-5 Boost Plusses per day for this week. I had 9 Double Stuf Oreos on Monday, too.

After this Skype call with a potential client, I’ll celebrate with some nachos and queso with chopped jalepeños. The queso isn’t that high on calories, but the chips sure are!

Results from my first blood donation: A+ blood type and a 103 cholesterol.


  1. Yay for getting fat again!

  2. Thanks, Beautiful! Ready for some ziti for dinner…

  3. I'm waiting for you 125 lb. photo to be posted!

  4. I dunno what's up with my gmail, but I haven't seen your last two comments come through. I'm going to be making a new header/sidebar configuration soon. I have big plans for this site, and that header is taking up too much space. I'll post a 125lb in a post, okay?

  5. The comment just showed up in my inbox. 🙁

  6. Thanks, Beautiful! Ready for

  7. Thanks, Beautiful! Ready for