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I’m Still Okay – Never Fear

Fast Times at the University of South FloridaI’m really sorry that I haven’t been updating, educating, or entertaining you very often lately. It’s not for lack of interest, but for lack of time and words. You see, tomorrow is my last final ever (Biblical Archaeology) and I have to wrap up one last exam for Advanced Composition. It’s been non-stop business, wife time, business, study, business, wife time, writing, writing, writing, business… you get the picture.

It’s been a real struggle this semester to make ends meet while finishing up classes, but we’ve been blessed nonetheless, Beautiful and I have. Just enough in just the nick of time. I think that’s the way God likes it. Keeps you humble and faithful. I’ve learned a lot about that this semester.

Last year we had a 2-month reserve in the business account and I got prideful. I’ve hit bottom with that and it will be time to come out with all 12 cylinders going full-bore (I’m a V-12 if there was ever any doubt what kind of engine I run on) and sounding like the Ferrari that I am. I have some plans for getting things going after Mother’s Day and I have 4 weeks to meet our financial goal before a week-long family vacation. Don’t ask how much… you’ll either cry that the goal is ridiculous in that time frame or hate me upon meeting the goal (but the money will be gone as fast as it comes in).

Commencement is on Friday, so I’d better get some beauty rest… I need it!


  1. cfjourney says

    Congratulations on graduation and lots of luck with your goal!!!!!

  2. Thanks. It's going to be a blast to go for!