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New Series Coming: What CFers Do

I’m not an ultimate creator of cool ideas, but I can take a good idea and make it my own pretty well. I’ve seen “What White People Like,” “What Black People Do,” and a book called “What Christians Like.” That got my gears turning, “hey, I’m a member of a special group!” Sure, I could write about the white people and Christian things, too, but that would be pure mimicry – that’s just not me.

So, starting this Monday morning I will be introducing the first in what I hope to be many weekly posts on things that CFers do. If I must, I will spin off into “What CFers Like” and “What CFers Hate” to keep the series going long enough to write a book.


  1. Sounds fascinating. Can't wait to read it.

  2. Then get up at 2:04am Monday.