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Who Is Your CF Superhero?

CF SupermanThis is probably more of a guy post than most, but I was always watching cartoons as a kid while I was doing my aerosols and getting pounded on for hours on end – thousands of hours per year. I watched so many superheroes, it’s hard to not be influenced by their awesome powers and be jealous of them… to be released from your current bondage attached to that noisy compressor and go fight some real evil.

My superhero of choice: Superman! Hands down, he is the penultimate superhero for anyone who has our problems. Nothing against Christopher Reeves, but I’m talking about the Superman of the comic books. The one who could launch a rocket into space by resting it on his biceps and flexing. That Superman.

Sure, we could go back and forth for hours about their super powers and how they would transform your body and life from the perverted utopian body that everyone else comparatively enjoys, so let me just lay out why he’s my choice:

  • The dude looks like a Greek god – the perfect man body that I was never going to get. I’m getting closer, but sheesh!
  • He could blow the sea away, put out fires with his breath, and stop angry mobs with a windy barrier. What CFer wouldn’t want that set of lungs?
  • Impenetrable skin! The ultimate fantasy I had in the hospital was seeing that my skin was no longer penetrable by the vampires that came to draw blood. They would just have to figure out some other way.
  • I was fast as a teen, but not that fast, and when he stopped, he wasn’t panting or doubled over to catch his breath.
  • He was a nerd, too. I could relate. He was awkward and bashful, but look at what he could do.

Superman. That’s all I have to say about that.

Who’s your CF superhero and why? Write it up on your blog, link to this original post, and enter your site in the area below to link them all together. Repeat superheroes are allowed as long as you support your choice. 😉


  1. I have to say that I liked Batman better growing up. Then I converted to Spiderman. Not that I wouldn't want to be Superman, I just never connected with him. Nice post.

  2. Well, Spidey did get healed by the bite, too, but Batman is all mental
    and physical conditioning combined with untold millions for nice toys.
    I'll support your CF Spiderman, but reject the idea that CF Batman
    would be anything but in better physical conditioning.