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A Brief Pause in Memory of Conner Reed

Conner ReedI’m about to go waaaayyyyy out of my style and comfort zone on this one, but I want a record of this because this is worth remembering. Beautiful first found this site as they were bringing Conner home, practically Hospice-ready a couple of months ago. Thursday night, he lost his fight, and I’m sad even though I never knew him or his family, nor did I read his whole story.

I read of his last day this morning and how he went out with a final meal of a champ after so much suffering:

Conner asked for an Otter pop, he ate two. Then he wanted watermelon and he ate a slice, he wanted mini marshmellows, and ate alot, and then finally a banana. His last meal on this side of heaven. Such a great menu for him…

I am sad because he suffered. I openly cried sitting at my coffee table reading the story of a heartbroken mother recalling the last 24 hours. I was sad because I had a glimpse of what my parents went through nearly 30 years ago.

I rejoice because he has a perfect body now and is running around with lungs and limbs like never before.

Happy “new birthday,” Conner Reed Jones. Say “hi” to Jesus for me.


  1. Cysticgal says

    Beautiful post for Connor and Sarah. I think his death really hit us hard since it reminds us all of our darkest fears when growing up- when Connor's story was more commonly the path of CF kids. He was an angel here, and now is an angel everywhere.

    I like that you write such great, yet manly emotional posts. What I'm trying to say- great for the young CF men to read.

  2. Thanks, CG. I cry (no, get choked up) during chick flicks, despite
    testosterone therapy. I just have learned sensitivity after Beautiful came
    into my life. I used to be a rock. A lonely, uncrying, unreciprocated rock.

    Those are our biggest fears. His genetics were extreme, but we can ALL take
    a turn like that. That is what scares the crap out of me and all of this
    planning for tomorrow and not worrying about tomorrow because today has
    enough concerns of its own.

  3. Well said…Just perfect…

  4. Thank you, Dan.