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Get in My Belly, Wee Man!

Fat BastardIf you’ve been keeping up recently (I know, I’ve been awesome and posting something new every day for a while now) with this week’s happenings, Beautiful and I went on an out-of-state family vacation to a big cabin outside of Gatlinburg, TN. It’s been GREAT, but it wasn’t without its planning and accomodating for me and my dietary needs.

Since I didn’t have CF before March (wink, wink), we never did much to do anything special for me other than just accept that I was going to order more food and request that we eat earlier and more often than anyone. Before this site, even they didn’t understand the full effects that food has on my health, to no fault of their own. I hid it because I always want to be normal.

This time was different! We had extra portions for me, extra sides, we brought a ton of Boost Plus, and I was completely unashamed to finish others’ portions, like how I practically ate two full meals at Pappadeaux tonight before going to the baseball game. “Beasting it up” became the badge of honor, as was “being a champ” for either first done, most eaten, and sometimes both.

I didn’t quite hit my 130lb goal for vacation, but there’s no way in the world that I’m disappointed with these results.