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The Arrival of Cayston and an Altera

THE boxI was sitting at the coffee table working away, preparing for my 10am Skype call with a client when the doorbell rang. I jumped up because I knew I’d need to sign for this package: a $2000+ Altera and the $900+ Cayston shipment. I was wrong about the signing part, but right about the package. It was huge with the nice styrofoam cooler and tons of polar packs inside. I like to keep the coolers (okay, A cooler), but that is not allowed because we have a 1-car garage. Gotta get me an outside freezer for the polar packs, too. Man, I could be such a hoarder!

Shall we open it?

Oh, pretty! That is some nice packaging. All of the Ziplock baggies were a tad annoying to open each one to take the photos, but as a design geek, I do appreciate me some good packaging. Contained within the cooler was:

  • an Altera device
  • an Altera handset
  • a month of Cayston
  • a month of HyperSal 7% Saline
  • a “gunk” head for the saline use

Present in the fridgeOn a side note, Beautiful sent me a link to Mandi Sharpe’s post yesterday about how she is having to adjust to “living in a pharmacy” now that she and Ronnie are co-habitating now that they’re hitched. The post had me in stitches because I’ve heard the same plea from Beautiful on a number of occasions. It took us a couple of years to get to an acceptable level for both of us, but I couldn’t help but laugh at it having been there ourselves. So, being the awesome dope I am, I left Beautiful a present in the fridge so she can figure out where the heck she wants to put my new medicine. Do you think that she’ll appreciate it? It must be noted that the Boost Plus crammed on the bottom shelf will not be there when she gets home. It will be in its proper place in the door.


  1. Love the 125 lb. pic that you've added to your header. The only good thing about being single is that finding a home for all my meds / supplies isn't as much of a hassle … I only have to argue with myself about where I'm going to keep my stash of goodies.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    That is true. I found being single a much harder life, but that is certainly
    a positive way to look at that. There were a lot of things I didn't have to
    put away. 😉 Wouldn't trade it for the world, though. Hope you find your
    special someone soon.

  3. Hey, just so you're aware: I sent this link to a Cayston rep in my area who reads my blog for patient thoughts on Cayston. Just letting you know!


  4. I did the AZLI long-term study, so I know it's got great effects for me. I
    hope it all works out with your insurance. I think I have to work out one
    snaffu where I think Aetna is seeing the nebulizer as a durable good, which
    takes me to the end of my out-of-pocket expenses for the rest of the year.
    We'd rather not have to pay, but other than that, a $27.40 co-pay is pretty
    friggin' sweet.

  5. Unknowncystic says

    What's a gunk head?

  6. The head I use for HyperSal. I have a rotating lineup of heads as they get
    slowly clogged, so the second best one is referred to (by me) as the “gunk
    head” and I mark it with a Sharpie to make it “dirty.”

  7. Still trying to get Cayston for my daughter w/ CF. Doctor prescribed it nearly a month ago but the co-pay w/ my BCBS insurance is $1,268 and I don’t meet the income requirements to bring the cost down. If Cayston were released to more than 4 pharmacies in the U.S. it might help as I get most of her meds thru Medco.