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Three Moments That Have Changed My Life

“Moments make the man.”

If that’s not a real quote by a really famous person yet, I declare it to be mine now. Actions speak louder than words, but it’s the moments at which both happen that change people, nay, change history. When a fire comes through and destroys the landscape, new growth comes in. Think of those fires as “moments” and the new growth as the men and women that make things happen from the bleak situation.

Where would we be without The Gettysburg Address, “I Have a Dream,” or Thomas Edison’s final material test that brought about the lightbulb? Thankfully, Edison lost the war between DC and AC current powering the world’s power grid, but now I’m just bragging about my love of engineering history.

I’ve been called an optimist more times on this site than in my entire life, but I can assure you, I have a deep, dark side that I do everything in my power to keep under control and undercover for the sake of Beautiful and those whom I’m trying to help. Some bloggers do this dark blogging as a release, an outlet, under monikers or anonymously, which I do not fault them for in the least. I’ve made Beautiful sad on more than a few occasions in these first 80 articles/posts, as I’m sure I’ve done the same to my parents and in-laws through my writing.

That’s right, we are up over 80 now, and I thank you all for your loyal readership.

So… what are Fatboy’s Top Three Moments?

I’ll give them to you in order of importance, rather than chronologically.

Accepting Jesus as my savior

I’m not going to step onto any soapbox here, but aside from the tangible love I have from Beautiful, the intangible, ever-knowing presence of God is the single-most comforting aspect of my life. The best thing about it, is that if I’m wrong about the whole thing and I’ve wasted my time worshiping when everyone ends up in the same place anyway, I still win. It’s definitely not worth the risk not doing so in my books, though. I don’t put it in your face, but I am a man of faith.

Walking down the isle with Beautiful

Nothing in my life has ever said, nor will ever say with such power and conviction that who I am is just fine like getting married. We had a special dating time with more trials than you could shake a stick at, wonderful couples pre-marital counseling, and a pastor who insisted that I seek some professional counseling therapy before he would marry us. To this day, it was the best time of insight I’ve had into who I am today and the best money we’ve spent on our marriage. Having Beautiful there – no matter what – is the best thing for me. I take awful good care of her with the things that I can, like working and doing (certain) house things while she’s at her work, but she is the one who changed my life more than I changed hers.

Going to, quitting, returning to, quitting, returning to, and graduating from college

Nothing in my life has been as difficult to start and finish as university. There were no strict rules to keep me in line for staying on course, but they were there to take away my full-ride scholarship and discourage me to the point of dropping out – several times. Last summer, after my new business was ahead in the coffers, we devised a plan to finish my entire last year in 2 semesters, which included 10 credit hours of Spanish, and to walk in May with my parents in the country. I did it; and not just barely, either. We tag-teamed household stuff and me studying my butt off and having the help of 2 Spanish tutors. The degree and the accomplishment can never be taken away from me.

Why these three?

I can be struggling for every breath, but know that I completed the requirements for my degree, I have my wife by my side, and that I’m going home to Jesus to get my perfect body without these nasty lungs, sinuses, pancreas, and (some would argue and ask for an apology for) my face.

Buying a house: cool. Doesn’t matter. Being a fantastic expert at what I do: awesome! Doesn’t matter.

What matters to you? Don’t think there is always going to be tomorrow. There are traffic accidents and brain aneurysms happening everywhere.


  1. Aunt Sandi says

    I do love that you are able to address that dark side while not letting it run away with you. It is definately a good part of who you are and I recognize that dark/sideways humor often shown in your writing. Am amazed and so happy for you that there is a workable balance. I know that it is not the easiest teeter-totter to play on. I am thinking Kristin is a very good playmate for you.