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Unknown Cystic, I Mean, Fox

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killer fox by ~Zoo-chan

killer fox by ~Zoo-chan

First up in my new “Meet My Little Friend” series – a series devoted to my fellow CF bloggers who have either inspired, entertained, interested, or educated me (or even two or more of them together) through their writing or photos is Unknown Cystic@UnknownCystic on Twitter because he’s taking a week off of writing, so this is a good chance for him to just link some new content over to here so his readers don’t die a slow non-reading death.

“John,” if that’s his real name according to some comments hails from the West Coast, so he gets my stuff in the evening when it posts at midnight and I read his stuff when I wake up in the morning. With the exception of a few mental oddities when a fox takes over his brain and carries on conversations with him, his medical staff, and his readers, I’d think we could pass as brothers with our attitude and situation.

He’s got wit. He’s got style. He’s got a bag over his head.

While his work may be too raw or crude for the ladies in my life, he usually warns you that it’s “a man post” early on so I get to enjoy it and Beautiful skips it that day. He’s got some real talent in the prose department, but what he does, where, and for how long he’s been doing it is all still a mystery to his readers.

It keeps me coming back. One of these days, I’m thinking he will take the bag off his head. Of course, he’s not completely distancing himself from any of us on his site or on Twitter, he just doesn’t want to be found out by his employer. I think it’s a West Coast thing with their crappy laws, society, and insurance protection in general, so I am not sure I can fault him for it at all. While I’d love to know more, his family’s job security does come first, so I’m just glad he’s come to the ballgame to play.

Some of my favorite posts of his that are SFW (safe for wives) are:

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