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Bennett Gamel

I found a new little guy. Obviously, he’s not doing the writing as a baby, but mommy bloggers dig this sort of site. I know Beautiful does, too. It’s a woman thing. I think. /grin


  1. Breckgamel says

    Oh, wow, thanks!! We feel very honored to have received a shout out on your blog. I think you've got an awesome thing going here. I really admire your ambition and candidness (is that a word?). We hope our son grows up to be like you – the kind of man who faces down and yet also embraces his CF! Thanks for what you do. And thanks for sharing our story!
    Breck (

  2. Yes, that is a word. 😉 Thanks for the many compliments, and it was my pleasure to give a shout-out. I wasn't always this open about my CF – and I still keep it close to my chest “out there” in the real world, but I try to be as candid as I can here, despite the possibility of shocking my family members.

    My best piece of advice for his later years is to make sure he knows he has to keep on top of his treatments during college and that he has to take care of himself no matter what his romantic prospects are at the time, because someone may come along who will want to beat the crap out of him for letting his PFTs slip because he didn't think he'd ever actually find someone who'd marry him. I will tell that to every 8-20 year old CFer, especially the guys. If that's why I'm here doing this, that's a good enough reason for me to be here doing this.

    Keep us posted – keep up the blogging – you're welcome here any time. I take questions via the contact form, too, if I can ever help… maybe when he's older.