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Cystic Gal, Beth Peters, Is in ICU Now

Word from her uncle and sister says that it was a textbook surgery and that her new, pink lungs are a perfect fit for her. We are all waiting with bated breath until she makes her own first communication. Knowing her, it won’t be long. You know Beautiful will have instructions to leave my iPhone on my lap at all times if I ever need to get a lung transplant.

Go Beth, go!  Cystic Gal


  1. Hi FB! I am just stumbling upon these blog updates now, thank you so much for tweeting about me and such for my sister! And for your card and CF band. LOVE IT. Hope you have a better day tomorrow (your FB status made it sound like you were tired today!)

    • Thanks, CG. So far, so good. We used thick cut bacon today, so I got quite a bit more protein and fat this morning. I’m gung-ho at this moment to wrap up an entire site today and get some other tasks completed, so I see a good day ahead as long as everything cooperates with me and my plans to work. 😉