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Fatboy vs. 23 BMI – Fatboy Wins!

135.5 PoundsThursday night, Fatboy registered a 135.5 on the bathroom scale! I made a big deal about it on Facebook with photos of the scale and my big gut hanging over my always-unbuttoned shorts, but I’m holding back here a little bit before I declare victory because I appear to be retaining water. It didn’t stop me from opening up my iPhone app to plug in the numbers to come up with my BMI and confirm that it was 23.2 BMI with my 5′ 4″ stature. Fatboy has arrived in the house!

My ankles and calves were swollen Thursday and Friday for some reason; nearly disgustingly on my legs where something may have been pressing into my flesh for a while and then I get up. The mark stayed indented far further than is considered natural, normal, or tolerable to look at.

135 Toledo ScaleFriday night, after not drinking like a camel and several bathroom breaks per a normal night, I was still 132lbs, so I was thinking that a normal night of eating and drinking would have yielded the same weight as before.

Today, while at the grocery store, I got onto the Toledo scale that they have at every store. Every Toledo scale is awesome, and I’m pretty darn sure they come in a calibrate them regularly. 135, baby!

After coming home and eating another 5-portion Hamburger Helper all by myself, feeling way too stuffed for doing so, and already being incredibly happy with my weight gain, I’ve decided to go on a “maintain weight” diet starting with Sunday.

Looking back at my archives, I weighed 103lbs on December 21st just after my birthday that landed me in the ER with my second blockage in 3 months (have I told that story yet?) and not feeling much like eating anything for a few weeks after that episode. So, it’s been six months and 32 pounds to get to this point!

My body has changed. My mind has changed. My relationship with Beautiful has changed. My world of having CF has changed because of you reading my site and sharing your lives on your sites.


  1. With this amount of determination that you have shown during your quest to gain weight, I'm sure a 5k run will be no problem now. And you have a full house of photo's on your site as well. Well done mate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Urz4evr97 says

    I would love to bring the wife and kid down to see Fatboy and Beautiful some day soon. It's been way too long since we've actually spoken in person. Plus I would love to tell you what a phenomenal job you are doing with your blogging; I think I just did. =D God has blessed you with a talent and ambition unmatched by any other. May God bless you and your family for many years to come!

  3. Now if only it would be kind enough to not be so darn hot so I can train. I wonder if you can train for a 5k in my shape in the 2 months that it's cool here or if I need to find an indoor track. I can't run on a treadmill to save my life. I fall or run awkwardly while holding on.

    Thanks for being along for my ride from mid-Skinnyboy to full-on Fatboy.

  4. Thanks BillRonRonBill! (How long has it been since you've heard that?)

    We have a spare room with a double bed and room for a small pen in the corner if you ever wanted to come down for another Disney weekend. We might stay here and let the 3 of you experience it by yourselves, as it should be the first time.

  5. That's impressive, Jesse. May the Lord help you to keep that weight and, if & when you get an infection, put it back on quickly.

  6. Oops! I should have read your posts in order. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But at least it sounds like the infection you have now isn't going to make you really sick. At least I hope not.

  7. Man, you've been an inspiration, both for me to help my daughter fight the weight issues associated with her CF, and to get myself squared away. Unfortunately, I need to lose weight, not gain it. But either way, you've inspired me. Well done to your success!


  9. Congratulations again, Fatboy! Way to rock that 135!!!

  10. To run 1 mile and then prepare for the 5K Gasparilla run in February.

  11. Thanks, Dan. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help – topics or whatnot – as an old fart CFer.

  12. Thanks! Rocking it hard today! Sooo full. I thought I said I was going to stop. Old habits…

  13. Well done! Good luck keepin that weight on, and with your future goals ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  14. Thanks! We'll see how it holds. /grin.

  15. I like the full row of photos at the top :>)
    Praying that God helps you maintain the weight and also helps in your training for the 5k!
    Love ya, Son!

  16. It was too hot to ride our bikes today and Kristin's rear tube blew out of the rim when I inflated it… again. I've already replaced both tubes. Not sure how we're going to train in this FL summer weather.

  17. MiddleAgedLady says

    WOW!!! Congrats on being a REAL Fat Boy!! ๐Ÿ™‚ You may be the only person I can say that to and not get slapped. hahaha. Well done. You are inspiring and so upbeat, I love reading your blog. I'd be interested in your blockage story sometime. Keep munching.

  18. Yes, it must be odd when someone hears one of my family members call me Fatboy for the first time, seeing as how I'm obviously not FAT. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'll be posting the blockage story after the blog re-launch later this week. Yes, that was a teaser. Big re-design is 85% done.

  19. rhondab30 says

    Check out that new header! LOVE IT (of course until you change it) Go Fatboy.