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Feedback Request on Meconium Ileus Scars

I put out a special request tonight for a topic about Fatboy or CF and got this one in from Jessica – a.k.a. @chronicuriosity:

“Fatboy…the Early Years” or more on why your illieus issues @ birth still cause issues (I’m a illeus baby, too – hot dog scar!)

I’ve promised to stop talking about my bellyaching for now, so here is another angle that I didn’t cover in my posts on my scar or any of my blockage posts. I’m turning this into a personal/community request for information and feedback.

Fatboy - Meconium Ileus ScarI’ve always noticed that my scar (shown again for your benefit) seems to be directly attached to the abdominal muscles beneath it. You can try to grab my scar and pull it outward, but there is nothing to grab onto because it’s so tightly pressed to my muscles, which were totally raped by the surgeon. I have a 3 1/2 pack, even though you could roll a car over me with my strong abdominal wall. This photo was taken before I got a nice layer of fat from my additional 15lbs of weight, but all you can still grab is fat.

It has been cosmetically bothering me because my added weight gain has created a crease running across my gut that is visible to all because my shirts are all tight now. I look like a fat slob with two beer guts instead of one. I know it’s petty, but it is also uncomfortable because I know my stomach and intestines could expand more if they weren’t being held back by the scar.

Do any of you have an attached meconium ileus scar or do you have “freedom” between your scar and underlying tissue? If you have “freedom,” do you agree with my issue or do you wish you had my problem because your stomach just keeps getting bigger and having the scar keep things in check would be nice? Let’s get the CFers chiming in here, since only 10% of us are born with meconium ileus.


  1. Only 10%? Wow, I'm amazed at how many times I pull the “short straw”! lol I have only noticed how difficult the scar is to mess with when I try to clean out the black heads that formed where the stitches were. That scar was used twice for me (the second time was from adhesions due to the first surgery). But yeah, the scar is pretty much acts like it's attached to my abs; it's really hard to pull forward. My sis-in-law just had a C-section (not the same, I know!) but she said her scar is doing the same thing, sectioning off her belly fat into two sections. You're not alone!

  2. LaurenSet91 says

    I always seem to pull the short straw as well! I never really noticed but my scar is attached to my muscles.. I know what you mean about the beer gut, the scar just seems to cut your stomach in half almost which can look a little strange, my main issue is when people look at me from the side because I just seem to have this one bit of stomach 'hang over' but I guess it just all adds to it! Haha

  3. pleasepassthesalt says

    Ok, maybe I'm a total oddity. I was born with meconium ilieus, but didn't need surgery. I am told the latest, greatest technique when I was born was to “roto rooter” from both ends of the blockage. I'm curious why CFers younger than me (like Jessica and Lauren) needed surgery. Maybe the roto rooter technique isn't very successful? I always remember my dr showing all the med students my stomach at clinic and being super-excited that I have no scar.

    Back on topic, sorry so many CFers with meconium ilieus experience such bothersome abdominal scarring. When you have so many internal medical issues, it's got to be frustrating to have some very visible reminder that that you can't pretend to be normal if you're out swimming or doing something that shows your stomach. :-/

  4. I would guess that it's not always successful and I believe that sometimes the intestines are actually blown apart. I believe that was my case, but I'm sure my mom will let us know if that's wrong. 😉

    I have always been self-conscious about my scar, but it's gotten better since getting married. It doesn't bother her, so why would it bother anyone else? Beautiful said that other people we see that have various physical differences are much more obvious than my scar, so I'll just have to believe her.

  5. This reminds me of the story I can tell about how they finally removed my last stitch from my scar when I was about 19. I was always getting an irritated blackhead that would turn red, get infected, and puss out for a week or two. I'll stop now so there is still a story to tell.

    It's nice to not be alone.

    • Have had all the same issues, not as a CFer but from IHPS (infant pyloric stenosis) surgery. Self consciousness, fused scar and muscles, sectioned look. Plus having to deal with parents traumatised by the experience. But usually few ongoing physical effects from the surgery I had. Adhesions seem to be expected with most abdominal surgeries. My wife’s easy acceptance was the start of my healing too. Good to know we’re not alone, thanks for putting these bridges out there.

  6. I'm SO not alone! Wow, CF friends rock! I'm switching to bigger shirts that camo this gut for now, but Beautiful says I'm still growing into my Fatboy suit. My gut should slim down after it distributes once again – every 10lbs gained.