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New Features for a New Look

The old

The old (version 2.0)

There has been something I’ve wanted to do with this site (and a few for clients) for quite a while, but even with my years of doing this I still needed to hire a programmer to get the job done, but I think it was well worth it. You’ll be seeing some new stuff around the site now.

  • You may have noticed the two little blurbs below this post if you happen to be on the home page (click “Home” or one of my pretty faces to see what I’m talking about). One is a quote, one is a shout-out, and down the page on July 17th, I posted an update on the Singing Cysters under CF News.
  • I’ve added a Donate page that I will get up and running with great options soon, but you can see what is in store by going there already.
  • I also added an Awareness Bracelet page, so please visit there and send me a message. I need your help with some questions, and there is something in it for you. I will randomly pick one of you who responds and send you 3 bracelets for free after I get 50 responses.
  • I’ve got a new social networking area below each post before the comments so you can share a post on your social networks if that suits your fancy.

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  1. MiddleAgedLady says

    This looks amazing! This is the most sophisticated blog I've ever seen. Very user-friendly with all the various groupings and great use of color!

  2. Thank you! Years of practice is paying off when I receive glowing comments like that. You just made my day.