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Nick Vujicic Has Inspired Me

Every now and then, usually out of the blue, someone will tell me how inspiring I’ve been to them to have excelled and succeeded at what I set out to do despite having cystic fibrosis. I don’t hold a candle to this guy. Nick Vujicic has inspired me to go on a speaking circuit if I can pull all of my life’s material together. Watch, and you’ll see why Fatboy himself has been inspired.

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  1. I love that guy! He's one of my heros. I'd love to meet him one day. I think it'd be cool if you did a speaking circuit too! Xx
    Megan (

  2. It's in my long-term plans, but I'm going to have to get a LOT of ducks in a row to do that sort of change from what I'm doing now.

  3. I saw a different video on this guy a few years back. He's so amazing! I was actually telling his story to a few friends of mine just the other day.

  4. I was pretty sure I'd at least seen a photo of him somewhere or maybe a quick segment on him on TLC or Discovery at some point. What a speaker! What an impact on those young people!

  5. He spoke at my church one year. That dude has a GREAT sense of humor!

  6. That is awesome. Do you go to a mega-church?

    I think I'm going to try this WordPress teaching with GoToMeeting first, then maybe work on my CF material and do the same thing for motivational/inspirational presentations online, and then take it on the road.

  7. I used to have his site bookmarked, but somehow lost track of it. Thanks for reminding of him. What an amazing guy!

  8. No problem.

  9. rhondab30 says

    Thank you for sharing that. It makes everything that we, as a general population, complain about seem so insignificant.