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Pharmaceutical Specialties Pharmacy Rocks My Socks

Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc.You can’t get any better than Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc. (PSI). Period. We have had nothing but good to absolutely outstanding service and support from them since I started using them in mid-2009 in order to get a replacement eFlow unit. They have a special program for CFers and are top-notch in every way. My only bone to pick is that they don’t compound (pre-mix) my colistin, which the other, crappy pharmacy did a one month supply at a time. I’ll be discussing that with them to see if that will be a possibility since their competition does it /nudge /nudge.

The previous specialty pharmacy I had been using for 3 years refused to get me a new base even though I was convinced that it was the base ruining my heads, not my cleaning. After a year of struggling with a new head every month that was sputtering for 30 minutes per dose by the end of the month, I threw in the towel and asked for a referral to another pharmacy that leases out eFlows. That’s how I got the Trio, because I’d had the eFlow since 2006 when it even went by a different name!

From the very beginning, the process has been as smooth as butter. My awesome coordinator called in the script for colistin and I had my new Trio later that week. They also send me my ADEK for free. Things just get better, though, because they are also my supplier for Zenpep and Cayston! These are all of my favorite drugs, with the possible exception of Xanax and Vicodin because of the immediate physical relief they bring.

When I started on Zenpep, there was a rebate program that we got wind of, but they require an original receipt. The receipt we got for the Zenpep simply stated something like: “Pharmacy – Rx: 24532563.” That wasn’t going to work, so I called and asked if they could put a line-item call-out on the receipt to indicate what the med was so I could get reimbursed. Two days later, we got a new receipt in the mail done up just right. They have automatically done this for 4 straight months without so much of a peep out of me.

Amazing customer service #2 just happened this week. Now that Aetna isn’t supplying my testosterone, I have to send in a reimbursement form that needs to be partially filled out by the pharmacist with the date and pharmacy license and signed by them. When my testosterone showed up this week, what was in the box? A pre-filled reimbursement form for that month’s shipment for me to sign and send to Aetna!

I really can’t recommend them enough.


  1. That's AWESOME!!! I only deal with CF Pharmacy Services for my Cayston and get everything else through Walgreens without “too much” trouble…except for 7%, they won't fill that, so I just make my own 🙂


  2. rhondab30 says

    My husband works for Walgreens and uses the CF Pharmacy too. He also cannot get the 7% saline there. We had not heard of Jesse's PSI until his post. We also are not sure if he can use them due to insurance. Working for Walgreens, their prescription insurance covers best when we go through them. It's something we are going to look into. He is also not on Cayston.

  3. Ronnie & Rhonda, Aetna cracked down on where you can get certain meds this year, and there was a nice, new section for cystic fibrosis drugs now. I have to get Pulmozyme and a couple of others from Aetna Specialty Pharmacy directly or risk getting big charges for non-coverage.

    Thankfully, PSI is a covered specialty pharmacy for things that aren't on the list. I'm looking at getting most of my Rxs for mail-order changed to 90-day supplies to save on co-pays.