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Scar Tuesday – Show off Your Scar(s)

Meconium Ileus Scar

Meconium Ileus Scar: 1978 Style

I’ve got a huge meconium ileus scar that I’ve been self-conscious about my entire life. Now, in my old, fat age, it’s not stretching with the rest of my gut, leaving an odd-looking line across my midsection when I stuff myself after a good meal and I’m wearing a t-shirt that has become a tad snug around the middle. In fact, my favorite shirt I’m wearing to the right is starting to look a little ridiculous, so says Beautiful. I guess I have to agree at this point.

It wasn’t until I started following other CFers on their sites that I found out that there seems to be more who have a vertical scar than a gaping horizontal scar like mine. I’ve heard my dad say on a number of occasions that the surgeons really butchered me up with that first surgery – probably because it was 1978 and they didn’t give me much of a chance of living past 5 or 10, so what did it matter what my scar looked like.

Now, it’s a bit of a nuisance to the point that I’d consider some cosmetic surgery to re-align all of my muscles to get a beautiful 6-pack and get rid of anything in there that is pinning my scar in tighter than the surrounding area. A middle-aged gut on a CFer is a badge of honor that I will wear with pride, though I’d rather work back down to a washboard and maintain this weight.

My other scar

Port ScarMy other “big” scar is from my port when I was picking at the scab, not realizing how it was pulling apart while healing because they only used that 3M glue bandage that started peeling after a couple of days. The more I picked at the itching incision, the wider and more transparent the scar turned. This probably isn’t the best shot of the scar, but I haven’t found that new camera I’ve been looking for yet to take nice macro shots.

You can link to an external photo, such as Flickr or your Facebook or Posterous account in the comments, and it should show up for us if you want to show off your scar in the comments. Otherwise, tell your story on your blog and link to it with Linky Tools below with a mention/link to this post in your post so people know what’s going on.


  1. Jesse, if the surgeon in Colorado who gave you that scar had been present the first time we took you to clinic in Toledo, there probably would have been a fight. Dr. Vauthy didn't have ANYTHING good to say about it.

  2. ROFL!! I saw a pic of Dr. Vaugthy on the Toledo site a couple of weeks ago.
    Made me wonder if their site is updated and if he's still there. Wouldn't
    that be a reunion?

  3. Just to set the record straight, since you were too young to remember, with your first surgery you had only 3 small incisions: upper right abdomen, upper left abdomen, and lower left abdomen. The two on the left were for the stomas and the upper one had a bag attached to it. (I think we have photos somewhere!)

    Your second surgery was to insert a line for hyperalimentation (high calorie feeding with the line going from (I think) above your right collar bone threaded down near your heart. I think the scar is still visible, but I'm not sure.

    The third surgery, to put all your parts back together again, was when you were 2 weeks old (so it was in 1979, not 1978). That was when the surgeon connected the upper 2 small incisions with one very long incision.

    And your dad is correct, the doctors in Toledo were appalled when they saw the length of our scar!

  4. rhondab30 says

    There's no way John will let me post a picture of his scar. I may be able to find a summer photo where it's obvious, but to take a photo to post on a blog (even my own) so would not happen. His is small though, gallbladder. He has some scars on his arm from his picc line. I have nasty scar from 2 C-Sections, does that count? ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally hate the scar and if I ever get the money + the chance, a tummy tuck would so happen! I don't need the scar as a reminder that I have children…. I see the fruits of that labor every day.

  5. Well, I was intending this for CF-related scars… Everyone and their mom (LOL) has a C-section scar. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. It sure would! I've wondered about him quite a bit lately if he's still practicing or even still alive. He was a great Dr. and a real hoot. I'll bet he'd be really proud of you.