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Dulcolax – Yet Another New Essential Med

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I’ve hit a creative brick wall in everything non-essential, such as my client work. For someone with over 1,400 blog posts over the last 5 years, it’s pretty stinking weird to be out of words to say. This is the best I can do today before my Silent Sunday post and my What CFers do for Monday. At least those are easy to come up with!

This week involved the discovery that Dulcolax¬† is now an essential medicine for me, though I won’t go into how I found out. What matters most is that it’s strange how many of these meds I’ve started taking since becoming so compliant have now made themselves essential to normal functioning. The doctors have me on one in the morning and one at night, and I can say that not taking it because I feel like my body is behaving and it’s not necessary is not an option.

Some examples:

  • ADEK – Previously untaken at all, we are pretty sure that this is one of the contributing factors to the complete cessation of hemoptysis since March.
  • Fish oil – Beautiful read that it helps with inflammation issues, so I started taking it last year, but got into the routine with the rest of my stuff… and may be another factor in the end bleeding.
  • Prilosec – I used to just take Zantac 150 as needed, which wasn’t very often. Then I started to need it every day. Then a couple of times per day without any complete relief from my symptoms. Prilosec in the morning is now an absolute necessity.
  • Advair HFA – My “rescue” inhaler used to be Xopenex, but it was a $50 co-pay, so I asked for an alternative. I do my Diskus 500/50 twice per day and my HFA twice per day for pretty even relief.

What have you started at some point recently that you can’t do without now?


  1. MiddleAgedLady says

    We must be on somewhat parallel paths. When you wrote about deciding that Pulmozyme really helped, I had just been through the same thing. All along I’ve said I would take hypertonic saline over Pulmozyme any day. Then I let myself run out of Pulmo. Mine is shipped from out-of-state with a normally 2-day turnaround time. I was so puzzled when my mucous thickened and then, d’oh! I figured it out!

    I am taking one Dulcolax per day for now after a summer o’ trouble with my bowels. I just started Celebrex for my joint pain and dang! it helps!! It makes me a bit nervous because of the potential GI problems but I’m diligent to always take with food. Life is more enjoyable when you’re not in sharp pain all the time.

  2. It’s amazing that we can actually NEED to be on all of these meds. It’s just not right. This is what old people need to take when they’re 85 and hanging on by a thread to keep all of their things in balance. The reason I stopped the Dulcolax was that it didn’t seem necessary given my normal colistin side-effects, but that’s not a full-time condition while on colistin, it would appear.

    I’ve marked DNAse down as an absolute must if we go away or just a weekend. We are sort of debating taking the Vest for a long Labor Day weekend… the Acapella is so much easier, but I sort of want to give the TSA a hard time if they try to limit my “carry-ons” that are medical equipment and Rxs. Just try me. Part of me just wants things to go smoothly, too.