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What CFers Do: Get Mad About Losing Weight From a Cold

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Soup for a ColdMy latest life event that describes what CFers do: I am mad about losing weight from what I think was just a cold! CFers, unite in common disgust.

I know it’s been quiet on on here for a week, but my life has been anything but quiet. Beautiful’s allergies grew into an infection and I either got her bug or caught a cold on my own by coincidence. I don’t handle stress very well, either, and our last 3 weeks have been full of stress. We are very blessed to have a strong marriage, because it’s been a very trying time, not for our relationship, but this sort of stuff is what pulls couples apart. We grew closer.

So, the last you heard from me, I had hit a clinic all-time high weight of 132lbs and could barely give them a sample for the sputum culture because I didn’t really have any to bring up. I managed a little dot for the RT and we sent it away for cultures, which take forever when my sample is that small. We only had the preliminary results last Friday when I e-mailed Sue.

Starting the very next day, I woke up with a completely blocked nose, coughing and gagging from mucus, and started a 5-day off and on fever, but strangely never ran a temperature; my body simply lost temperature regulation for some reason.

I also lost an interest in food. Completely. Then, when I was better, my stomach had shrunk back to pre-vacation size so I was no longer able to eat a full meal when I did eat. I am trying my best to stretch it out again, but Saturday’s weigh in flashed a 122 back at me! Ten pounds lost in a few days!

I’m hoping it’s mostly dehydration, because I don’t look any different.

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  1. J is down that same road right now. He was pushing 145 with working out and increasing meals and supplements. Now with this new transfer, he is lucky if he gets to eat. He quickly dropped back down to 135. Had he not already been up though, he would have been in the hospital by now. I’m afraid we aren’t to far from it.

  2. The weight drops so fast, he can probably recover if he’s not fighting something bad. With school and work, he may loose the battle to stay off IVs. I did many, many times. Being done with school was a great thing for my health.

  3. Kristi Bowers says

    sending fat thoughts to you!! Kaleb does that too! We finally gave in and got him a gtube when he was 2 and it helps so much because he loses the weight so fast!! Praying for you!

  4. Thanks. An update: I gained 2lbs back today, so I’m suspecting that it was dehydration more than fat burning.

  5. Hopefully this is just a small blip for you and you start to put the lbs back on soon.

  6. We’ll see today. If I weight in at 126+ at some point today, I’ll know it was just a liquid blip. Thanks for keeping watch and holding me accountable. Good thing I wrote about it, or no one would have the opportunity to root me on.

  7. Hoping you feel better soon!! I find that raw cookie dough and gobs of pasta does wonders for a nice big belly 🙂 But that’s just me….

  8. I do love my pasta. I’ll go pop in a manicotti in the microwave for an early lunch #1.