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Fatboy Is Back After Losing 21 Pounds

The REAL Fatboy Dozing

I have lost 21 pounds since Labor Day

Time to honest up: my weight story has flat out stunk since business/personal crunch time began around mid-August. This photo was taken on Father’s Day. Notice how my polo is stretched tight over my gut. My shorts also wouldn’t button up at this point. After hitting a high weight of 135 just after vacation in mid-June, it was time to shift priorities from gaining weight to building our business so we could live more comfortably (i.e., get out of what debt we had and allow Beautiful to stay home if she so chooses) and stop spending a fortune on extra food. Now that it is there, it’s okay to back off, right?

Apparently not.

I dropped to a pretty steady 120 (20.6 BMI) for quite a while. Then it was time for surgery… which was desperately needed, as you will soon see by what happens next. After surgery, I had a really awful time with my antibiotics and nausea. I now have a much greater appreciation and empathy for all of my new transplant friends who had stomach issues after surgery for their various reasons. Seriously – how disabling!!

This progressed until I got on the scale Saturday morning and was horrified to see that I once again had plummeted to an embarrassing 113.5 (19.5 BMI) – right where I was before I started this site in March. All of that work for nothing! I don’t look like I’m that thin again, but I’m not going to stand for that. I have a site to write for – my credibility is at stake.

That lit a fire

This weekend and today has seen my new-found vigor to gain weight again take root. I knew I was dehydrated, so I worked on that. I knew I wasn’t taking in anywhere near the calories that I should have, so I supplemented our paleo diet we’re on for Beautiful’s allergies with my famous 1,000 Calorie breakfast of an omelet, Boost Plus, and a full glass of tea or juice. Now I’m getting even more calories than my first plan because I start out with bacon and fruit.

The result? I weighed in at 118 tonight (my normal weight-gain weigh-in time) and was quite happy with the speed that I’m gaining. It would appear that my sinus infection that I’ve had for who knows how long was really taking a caloric toll on my body. Now that I’m super-clean and super-healthy, the weight is going to pile on like never before.

I think I’ll considerably up my bacon intake now that she is comfortably partaking in such a luxury for most people and really watch my caloric count rise. Can you say “I’ll take 6 extra thick bacon today, Babe?” Hello 360 extra high fat, high protein Calories!

Big day tomorrow

I have my second surgery follow-up tomorrow with my ENT and will be discussing my excellent recovery and whether or not I can start running tomorrow night. I haven’t had any nosebleeds in almost a week and am sleeping flat and blowing my nose a week ahead of schedule according to Beautiful’s recollection of my post-surgery instructions.

We have made initial plans to walk/jog our way to me being ready to compete in a 5K on February 26th (17 weeks) by running T/Th/Sat while I weight-lift and Beautiful does the elliptical on W/F/Sun and rest on Mondays.

Since I haven’t felt this good since high school, it’s time to make sure I stay feeling this good using any means necessary, short of robbing or killing anyone, because that would be wrong and would have nothing to do with feeling healthy. It makes for a good saying, though.

My new goal

I’ve made a new goal for this round of gaining weight: 150lbs! That’s 125.7 BMI… and I know I’ll look like junk if I just gain water and fat, so a considerable amount will have to be muscle – thus the exercising will be crucial in making that weight reasonable.

Time for a midnight Boost Plus and bed.


  1. I’m in your corner my man! If there is ANYTHING I can do to help you along in this new road to fatness, please let me know 🙂

    • Thanks, Fibro. I’m going to hit 120 today, for sure, so the gaining is
      coming much easier than the first time. Let’s see what exercising does to
      that trend, eh?

  2. Your Dad and I pray for you and Beautiful every day – May God give you wisdom in the decisions you make about your weight gain, eating, exercise and in your business too.

    Thanks for sharing so openly about your struggles as well as the ways God has blessed your lives!

  3. Kristi Bowers says

    here is to fatness!! cheers!!