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Great Things Coming

I just had to let you all know everything is fine, other than nausea from my Levaquin. I’ve got it under as much control as possible, but it still disables me for a couple of hours every day. Thankfully, I’m done with it Thursday night, so I should have a productive Friday.

I can breathe better than in years (lungs and sinuses now) and am ready to conquer the world like never before. I’ve even begun shopping for new shoes on, pending Beautiful’s go-ahead to “invest” in our exercise if I’m going to have any chance of running a 5k in February. Business is booming and Beautiful has her food allergies figured out, so we begin eating a bit more normally today after I pick up some medicine for her that lets her eat foods without a reaction. We are very blessed to be getting back on our feet in every way possible.

On the site front, I have an exciting product review coming up and a whole string of articles coming down the pike, but I need to take care of business first – not for the immediate money, but to satisfy everyone who has paid their deposit. A nice place to be, because that means more income when each is done, so expect my best work ever after that because I’ll have time for once.

On a more secretive note, things are in the works to have a video or two of me interviewed about the benefits of one of the newer treatments I’m on. One would involve flying me or us (that’s how early this is) to the studio and the other would send the film crew here to me and I’d be taking a half-day to devote to filming. Words can’t describe how exciting that is. The same firm that is involved with this great opportunity has become close enough that I’m going to start calling him a friend after we talk on the phone for the first time, especially since he called me “an inspiration.” I’m humbled and ecstatic like never before – other than our wedding 3.989 years ago.


  1. Kristi Bowers says

    I love that you put that number on there about your wedding. precious. Glad you are doing well. I hope Kaleb feels that much better after his surgery in 6 weeks.

  2. Determinedleo says

    Great news… GOOD LUCK!