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It’s All In My Head

It is me againI’m not sure what news I have yet, but it’s both good news and bad news, either way. My headaches have been getting worse and worse and they are localized around my eyes and it’s pretty obvious that the cause is my sinuses. I’ve had 8 surgeries before, but due to monthly maintenance visits to my ENT, it’s been 6 or 7 years since my last one, though the one before that was only 9 months earlier. That shows how fast they can get ornery if I’m not diligent to get checked out frequently.

My previous ENT, who performed 6 of my surgeries retired almost 2 years ago, and I remembered that he said that if I had a headache for more than 2 days to call him and he’s schedule a CT scan. Well, by Thursday, I’d had about 10 of the last 12 days with a little gnome warrior wearing plate armor hacking away behind my eyes with a two-handed battle axe and a nasty goblin blowing up an inflatable raft behind my brow (those details are very important).

I scheduled an emergency visit to my ENT and got in the same day and she did stuff she’d never done before. I have a scar band running across the left side so access to irrigate is pretty much blocked off, even for the smallest tools because the direct line is blocked. My right frontal sinus (up above your eyes) is an issue because the “drain” gets clogged and gunk grows unabated if unattended to with irrigation with an antibiotic/steroid concoction we made up. The pain I was describing took her action to the next level: a small olive-tipped cannula that she attached to the suction!

This went into my frontal sinusAll I can say is that was the most wonderful sinus sucking I’d had… ever! First, I couldn’t believe she got that tip up the drain, and second, I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t excruciating.

She put me on 60mg, 40mg x2 days, and 20mg x2 days of prednisone and 10 days of Levaquin and gave me a script for a full axial CT scan with contrast that I scheduled for tomorrow morning and I kept my Thursday appointment with her this week for a follow-up. If it’s bad enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if she puts me under the knife the next morning, so EVERYTHING is up in the air for the weekend and the next week!

I’ve always recovered from a Thurs or Fri surgery in time to go to church that weekend, but I’m not a young buck any longer, so we’ll see how this one goes. Why am I so sure it will happen?

Because Beautiful knows everything.


  1. Number 1- I am totally sorry you are having such painful headaches!
    Number 2- That is exactly where I get mine, and I have them constantly, (I sometimes get a migraine in that area no less than 3x a week).

    My question is, how do they know it’s clogged? Is the only way to find out through a CT scan with contrast? I have had CT scans before and they show up clear??? Just wondering if my migraines could be clogged ducts, after all I am a CF carrier… hmmmm

    Hoping all goes well for you!!!


    • I also have polyps – dead giveaway that there may be more going on that they can see and an extreme history of it. I know when it’s full.

      My mom gets migraines – never surgery.

      • Oh, I hope I wasn’t confusing. I don’t doubt that yours are full and of course given your history that you just know it, because I think all CFers are so extremely body aware.

        I actually was just wondering about myself, if my headaches could be a clogged duct.

        But then again, it could just be like your mom and migraines, which of course is more likely.

        I hope you get relief and really really soon!!!

  2. Not cool about all of the headaches, but I have my fingers crossed that this last suck out gives you more than just temporary relief.


  3. MiddleAgedLady says

    Excellent description of the headaches! I’m sorry you’re having them, but impressed with your new ENT and her quick action. Hoping for the best possible outcome!

  4. Determinedleo says

    oh boy! wish you all the BEST ! ! !

  5. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this and that you have to suffer through medical procedures that are way more painful than what you’d ever admit. Sending you healing light and hope you feel better!

  6. *snicker* Do you play WoW by chance? I’m an undead priest in my spare time.

    on topic comment: Thank you sooo much for making my little sinus issues seem like absolutely nothing 😀 I am so not whining one bit next time I get a sinus infection. I hope you don’t need surgery, though if it helps the headache, I guess it’s ..worth it?

    Love your blog, thanks for sharing so much with the world <3

  7. 🙁 sinus issues suck. I’m only 2 months post surgery and I’m having bad sinus headaches. I hope you don’t have to have surgery 🙁 POOP!

    • I WANT surgery. I go for relief rather than suffering. I’m not a complainer (except food and room temperature), so if I’m complaining about my health, it’s time to take action.

      Aren’t they irrigating you weekly/monthly or are they just letting things go on their own? I’ve noticed 5x more health complaints (like Unknown having bleeders for years and years) from people in Cali than the other states, so I’m wondering what kind of care they give CFers.

      Here’s to another 6 years w/o surgery.

  8. I knew it was time for my first sinus surgery because of the headaches and loss of balance at night. it was confirmed when I went night fishing and when we got back to the dock (100ft long and 4/5 feet above the water) at 2 AM, with fishing pole in one hand and tackle box in the other, I walked with my body leaning at a 45 straight off the dock “SPLASH”. Seiper did my last surgery 10 yrs ago and she did a fantastic job. your in good hands and I know it will turn out great.

    • 10 years! That’s friggin’ awesome! Do you do any maintenance?

      • Yes, I use Flonase during periods of high allergens to avoid inflammation trapping off the sinuses and breading infection, I also Irrigate with salt water (preservative free pickling and canning salt and water) twice a day everyday. I do it at the same time as I brush my teeth so that i dont forget.

  9. Aunt Sandi says

    Prayers and positive energy to you.