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I Like Bacon and Peanuts, But Not Together!

Bacon and the BibleKnowing some are allergic to peanuts, everyone likes bacon, right? In my effort to become Fatboy 2.0, I’ve upped the ante on my calorie density, both in the amount of food and the ratio of calories per dollar. Given the amount of money we spent the first time around, I have no interest in that kind of “investment” to reach my new weight goal. Obviously, it’s easier to gain while not fighting an infection, or multiple infections as the case likely was. I’m gaining just about 1 pound per day now, so it’s time to tell you how I’m doing it this time and leave it up to you whether that tickles your taste buds or not. I know Beautiful has no interest to eat what I’m eating now – I remind myself of a pregnant woman with cravings now.

Cravings include: nachos and queso with jalapeño slices, Cajun boiled peanuts by the bowl, fatty bacon, and various frozen entrees.

I can tell you with certainty a couple of things that absolutely pack on weight more efficiently than other things. It’s a very basic cheat sheet for me, so it’s worth trying it yourself if you need to pack on weight and don’t have fat and cholesterol concerns, as we CFers don’t absorb cholesterol the same way as the rest of the population (teeny tiny blessings, eh?).

  • Lots of Zenpep – The more I eat, the more enzymes I need. I used to take 5-7 MT20s with meals, but I’ve upped it to 8-10 now, going through 1,300 per month. The results of the food that makes it all the way through is properly digested. No bloating, gas, or other adverse affects that I suffered from on my old dosage in June. I was a very uncomfortable dude.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids – Salmon is king for me for a guaranteed weight gain any night I eat it. It’s a very healthy fat and one that my body really seems to absorb much better than any other. We’ve been eating more fish in general to add variety with Beautiful’s Caveman Diet due to her food allergies, but salmon is the real winner. Swordfish steaks are awesome for protein, but it just isn’t a fatty fish. We’ve been buying 2-3lb strips fresh from Sam’s Club for only
  • Thick-cut bacon – We buy a more expensive brand for the two of us eating breakfast and I have a stash of cheap store brand bacon for anytime snacking. Four slices of these guys weigh in at 320 calories, 240 of them from fat! I don’t seem to have a problem with the fat, so I will continue this way for a couple of months.
  • Cajun boiled peanuts – I buy 2lb bags in the salad/cut veggie section in the grocery store and they cost $4 on sale and $5 regular price. A bag is a couple thousand calories, so I tracked that I was eating a bag in 4 servings of about 640 calories. We all know how good peanut butter is for gaining weight, but I actually crave these puppies.
  • Nachos and queso with jalapeños – I love heat. Can you tell from my last food or is it necessary to describe that we bought a 10lb jar of peppers from Sam’s Club to put in my queso? I put hot sauce on my omelets, too. Heat is something that makes me keep eating, but I do have to be careful to not overdue it or I’ll get heartburn regardless of taking Prilosec.
  • Boost Plus Chocolate – Well, it’s a store brand, so it’s $6.99 for a 6-pack of 8oz bottles of 350 calories each. It’s the only high-calorie drink I can avoid a gag reflex. Heck, I’ve downed two of them some mornings before church so I have plenty of extra energy. I find it to be easily digested compared to solid food and it’s likely super-efficient for weight gain.

That’s it. Those are my tips that have any semblance of being different from the first weight blitz. I know you all have your tricks… what have you found out since we last shared tips?


  1. Wow sounds awesome, im on a weight gain mission too. Ive managed to gain 8lbs in the last month. I have never been over 120lbs ever in my life. But I get picky when it comes to food so that really doesnt help.

  2. Welcome to the bacon bandwagon 🙂

  3. Determinedleo says

    Thanks for the tips on what NOT to eat 😉 I don’t have the cf weight issues. In fact, on #prednisone I need to watch as it makes me gain weight! So if your desperate… try some #prednisone! Not…

    • Personally, I <3 prednisone. I don't have ANY side-effects from it, except weight gain and water retention, then again, they NEVER put me on it for more than 5-10 days saying they don't want my ribs to break when I cough post-tx if and when that day comes. With him, though, it's always "when that day comes," which is a mindset I'm not happy with and went off on with my post last week. My personal problem with prednisone is that it ends up being very, very temporary weight because my body quickly flushes the extra water and then it's back to normal over-eating.

      How much/long are you on the stuff?

  4. I actually went into hold mode on my Kcals since I was getting too much in the middle. Now that I’m back up over 150 it’s now time to fill out all over and not just my stomach. I’m glad your foods are working for you! Keep it up