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CF Fatboy Turns 1 Year Old

BirthdayI knew I started CF Fatboy as a Posterous site about a year ago, so I dug through my first posts to find the first one that I wrote residing here, in WordPress, using my full skill set to really make it a place to come and become a community. In a post titled, Goals for Week 2, I set forth to start compiling helpful and insightful mini-articles to both document life with CF and explain it for those who want to learn more.

In the last year the site has grown from nothing to 228 articles, 1301 comments, hundreds of thousands of words, and way more thousands of visitors than I ever imagined. I had no idea this many people would be reading about my/our daily life with this wretched disease that I still refuse to say that I suffer from… and by now, many of you know why I refuse to use that term. I don’t think much has changed in the way of my writing, but perhaps I’ve found more of a balanced CFer and life as a husband and business owner “voice.” These very things are what shape my day-to-day life more than in the past, when I was merely getting by in life and wondering when the axe was going to fall or the ice was going to crack all the way through. Inasmuch as it depends on me, I own my life now and what I can’t do on my own, I rely on Beautiful and from help above… and even a little more from others when I humble myself enough to accept it.

It’s been one month since Beautiful left her job to come be at home full-time and I must say that things are going great! She’s shed most of the baggage from the environment and returned to be the person I’ve known for 9 years. I feel immense pressure to support us with my income, but I’d rather have that than a moderately spiteful companion because of how she was treated outside of my control. I was fond of saying that if I am going to have an angry woman around, it was going to be because I made her angry, not someone else… so far, I haven’t done that too often during our adjustment to living and working together 24/7.

We have big plans for the site, our business, and overall situation that you’ll definitely want to stick around for. I just (as of an hour ago) migrated the entire site to another Web server to deliver the content faster and more reliably with many more options for future expansion. I thought I had a great service before, but it’s nothing compared to this one. Some of this work and expansion is going to take me away from the writing a bit more, but I promise that the writing won’t suffer when it does come around.

You can always connect with me on Twitter: @cffatboy and Facebook if you need a little extra Jesse juice during a writing drought.


  1. Yay!! And… no IVs in the year that you’ve been doing this site too. It’s helping others and yourself. Keep it up!