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Upcoming Topics and Open Call for Guest Posts

Looking for...I’ve got quite a few topics brewing in my head, but not enough time to do them all. I’ve been needing to update everyone on my sleeping with my Auto-PAP machine, my new PARI Sinus, and my Electro Flo 5000. I don’t want to do them halfway and leave too much to say that just comes back to me in the comments rather than the content, so I need to take my time on them more than it takes to pontificate.

Also, due to my crazy amount of project work to complete (I’m writing this at 2am with another hour or so of work to do tonight), I have room to accept guest posts in the following categories:

  • relationships
  • goals
  • motivational
  • transplants
  • what CFers do

To submit a guest post for consideration (we all have standards, or at least we should), simply put it in my contact form and I’ll backlink to your site if you have one.