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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


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This weekend made for a really nice connection with another Fibro in a way I totally didn’t expect. Related to what Beautiful and I are pre-occupied with, I found another CFer about the same age who had experience with the same thing. Since it’s still a deeply personal topic that we are still keeping quiet (so quiet only 20 or so people know), I contacted him privately and asked if I could discuss it with him.

Few things warm me up to a person as fast as sharing something close like this that other people don’t know about, but because he opened himself up to me to discuss it, I feel profoundly privileged to have that time and information. Later, when we “come out” with what is going on, I will be the first one to step up to the plate and return the favor to others who need someone to lean on.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

I feel the same way about many of the things that I have experienced so far: sinus surgeries, getting a port, testosterone injections, discussing marriage and my childhood. I love to share and help others who are struggling with what they are dealing with because it brings a level of purpose to having this wretched disease. “With great power, comes great responsibility,” Uncle Ben taught Peter Parker. Though our “power” is of a different nature, knowledge and emotional fortitude as a result of life experiences is power.

Sometimes – often – it is difficult to see a silver lining around what is going on. Christians among us question, “why is this happening to me, God?” Others get mad. Still others are sad and confused, even depressed. Character is built upon how you react to life’s situations. The physical or emotional thing itself may not have a thing to do with improving your body or mind. Your strength grows from how you deal with the situation. It doesn’t take much time on Facebook for one to see dozens of friends and family commenting on the inner strength of CFers of all ages. With proper parenting that equips us with tools to cope, we are mentally built like tanks.

I get knocked down, but I get up again

This should be our theme song. I’ve got dibs on making the t-shirt this week, okay? I’ve been knocked down more times than I care to count, or that I even can count. Today was one of them. It’d take an entire chapter of a book to explain everything that happened today with our emotions, discussions, and the events that caused and shaped them. It had no fewer than 6 peaks and valleys that ranged from tears (yes, I cry – hard to believe) to fist bumps and big, toothy grins.

Where will I be in the morning? Right back in my office chair churning out more quality work that is changing the Internet one site at a time. Slow and steady wins the race.

Ten years ago, I was 22, making $1,000/mo, living in my childhood room under my parents’ roof with no money to my name, $4000 in debt. Fast-forward to today. You know where we are now if you’ve been here a little while. Beautiful has recently left her job and we are giving it a go on just the income I bring in with our business. It was a stretch – a real stretch – to make our budget work with what I was making plus what actual income we were losing without her income (taking into account the expenses of her working). Today was a major turning point in our journey of a one-income house, and we are pumped!

Take-away points/questions

Look back at your life a few years. Where were you 3 years ago? 10 years ago? With some self-reflection, can you see how much of a rockstar you are? Don’t belittle accomplishments such as birthdays, graduation, degrees, promotions, lasting friendships or relationships. Feel free to share and encourage others reading. It’s not bragging when others ask for your story and you’re encouraging others to show what can be done.


  1. Great post, and a great reminder that God can use both the big and the small things that happen in our lives to make a difference in someone else’s life!

  2. Kristi Bowers says

    My post was about where we were 10 years ago! Great post, hope u guys are well.

  3. great post there fatboy. a very good word that we all would be good to remember.

  4. I always enjoy reading your blog!