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Yesterday’s Thing: I Outrun CF

I Outrun CFYesterday was the great, national Outrun CF virtual run day! CFers, family, and friends everywhere signed up for a DIY outing wherever, however on the same day under the same name. It was really pretty cool to see people putting up their times and distances on Facebook throughout the day!

Since it’s been over 2 weeks of trying to get my new antibiotic to take care of my sinus bug that has also been causing some lung issues, running was not going to be an option. Beautiful came downstairs dressed to go out and I proceeded to cough my head off for the next 2 minutes as I put on my shoes. Yeah! Really ready to go out, eh? We had already decided to walk instead of run, but with these circumstances, any other ideas I had of being awesome went right out the window.

Being a beautiful March day in Tampa, it was well over 80 degrees, so even with the delightfully thin “I Outrun CF” shirt, by the time we walked up and down our street, I was sweating down my back and we called it a day. I’m over 30, not on O2, not on IVs, and I’m not on the transplant list, so walking up and down the street was still kicking CF’s butt.


  1. Way to kick some booty Jesse! And I love the t-shirts described as “delightfully thin” 🙂

  2. I want one of these shirts!