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Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

3 BandsThis is only our second year acknowledging CF awareness month. Last year was the first year I’d “come out” as a CFer from my cocoon of insulation from the negativity that I thought everyone else had with CF to find a vibrant, caring crowd of people just like me.

This is also the season for Great Strides everywhere. We are still debating about what to do with ours in Tampa, since we will be going on vacation just a couple of days after it, and traveling across the country with CF takes a lot of planning, so I’m undecided if we can handle both. It might be nice to set up a table near registration and sell our purple CF awareness bands to walkers since people receive off-color blue and yellow bands as admission bands to the zoo that we hold our walk at each year. I don’t know what blue stands for and we all know yellow is for prostate cancer.

CFF, I can hook you up with bands any time if you want people to have purple awareness bands – let’s spread awareness with the true color!

I love this time of year now, seeing everyone ordering their t-shirts for their Great Strides teams, putting on purple awareness bands, and spreading the word about CF. I even had a regular Twitter acquaintance who is in the same field as I am order one this week when he saw my tweet on my normal Twitter ID about it being awareness month and provided a link to our bands. Please send me links via my contact form if you’re selling CF shirts for your team goals and I’ll get with you to get a photo, details, and link to your site in a few days for another awareness post.

I’ve worn my awareness bands almost every day (sometimes I don’t leave the house for days) and even got some “fat bands” that are 2-3x wider to try out. I them better because it looks better on my skinny wrist, more like one of those leather bands that cool people are allowed to wear. We’ll order more of them as our inventory runs lower and I determine that there is demand for them. I’ve been remiss adding what little we have to the page for fear of running out in one order. I think we have 8 left, but they are quite a bit more because we only ordered 10 instead of in bulk. I can get them down quite a bit if there is interest.


If you ask, people will support you. Live strong AND breathe easy.


  1. I’m glad that you came out Jesse ๐Ÿ™‚