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Happy Birthday, Beautiful



Today is the day I most look forward to each year. Beautiful thinks my birthday is my fave, but it’s really hers. Sure, I get excited about mine out of celebration of kicking CF’s butt one more year and seeing what she has secretly planned behind my back, but I get more of a kick doing whatever the heck she wants and trying to surprise her.

This year has been a roller coaster on many fronts (mostly related to stress in one way or another from one source or another), but a combination of dedication and stubbornness on both our parts has us ready to take on the next 8 months of 2011 with a vengeance! So, while today may not be the most well-planned day we’ve ever had, we are sure to have fun… and I’ll see if I can slip in some surprises along the way. She thinks I don’t plan things because I’m so good at actually freaking out about some things (like presents she asks for) but she doesn’t see scheming. Yes, Babe, I scheme about your big day, too.

Since you’re reading this, presumably before I wake up, don’t rush, but let’s try to leave a little early, pack our lunch like planned, wear street clothes over our beachwear, and take a detour to eat. I am pretty sure you’ll like it.

Take a walk with me down memory lane…

I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful, willing partner in life than you. To make us a more full-featured pair, you zig when I zag, but when we need to be a unified front, you always have my back and have followed me into battle a number of times already. You said “yes” to a life of uncertainty beyond what most people commit to, yet you chose the certainty of “now” above that of the certainty of a life having said “no.” That alone makes you one in a million, but wait, there’s more!

You have taken on cooking, caring for our medical crap, keeping the place immaculate, and seeing that I have everything I need to support us financially by supporting me in every. other. way. imaginable. You rock!

You’ve had a heck of a last 9 months with your food allergies and all of the adjustments that’s needed, but again, you have come through with flying colors. Now you’re on to learning more about extreme couponing and saving us hundreds of dollars per month and having fun all the while.

You never cease to amaze me and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next.


  1. Thanks, honey! <3

  2. Good job, Jesse! Happy Birthday, Kristin!