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Head for the Hills

House on a hillToday the family has planned to drive me around their old stomping grounds in Rancho Santa Margarita (RSM, they call it) and show me Beautiful’s first townhome, school, and some family friends before we end up in La Mirada at the hotel we’ll be staying at for my SIL’s graduation.

Then we will be going to her apartment to see how she lives and meet her roommates before I take my first trip to LAX to pick up a grandma. Their grandma on Dad’s side, to be exact, because my grandparents aren’t going anywhere out of the ordinary this weekend that I know of. I’d just as soon stay with everyone than go, but I HAVE to see the LAX sign and get some photos of it. I mean, It’s LA-freaking-X!

I’m totally chilling, going with the flow, and ready to take on vacation mode – a task much easier once you put your vacation responder on e-mail AFTER arriving in CA, I assure you. I landed to e-mails from people who’d been trying to reach me since 1pm! Yes, that’s the level of service I offer people – they wonder after a couple of hours what is going on, and I need to slowly change that for my own good.

So, I’m sitting in the corner of our living area “puffing on my pipe” as they were joking last night. I can’t believe it’s already almost 10am EDT now, but I should, since I’m always aware of what time it is for my West Coast clients. I just have my sinus neb and Vest remaining, then I’m going to pack them back up and head to the breakfast before we leave around 9am.

We’ll see if walking without luggage is any easier than I had it yesterday.

Here’s to a great day in SoCal as the highest-strung person here… for now… bringing it down about 4 notches for my own good. BTW, last night’s weigh-in: 123.5 lbs.