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Hollywood, Bugatti Veyron, and Pink’s

Today we went everywhere a native of L.A. would never do in one day. It was crazy of us, but with our schedule, we went for it anyway and since I wasn’t driving, well, that was just a bonus that let me sleep through the long drive back.

We left just after 10am for downtown, getting on I-5 and we were amazed at the traffic. I am used to really bad conditions on I-275/I-4 in Tampa and have driven through both D.C. and Atlanta at rush hour. Those places are nothing compared to this, although, I’d have to give the drivers high marks from what I could see from where I was sitting. Except the motorcycle riders. Rip off all your “watch out for motorcycles” stickers and just give them what they deserve for what I saw today.

We got off the interstate to see the Staples Center and pass by the Nokia Theatre since the American Idol finale was just there last night. They were still busily cleaning up. Then we headed in the general direction of Rodeo Drive to see the shops and got to see a bumblebee Bugatti Veyron!

Just after we left the hotel, Beautiful’s sister started talking about Pink’s Hot Dogs, so I checked and saw that it was on the way to the Griffith Observatory where we wanted to head to see the city and sign from up there, so we got to experience Pink’s in all its glory. It was awesome! I got the 9″ “Mulholland Drive” – a stretch dog with bacon, mushrooms, sauteed sweet onions, and nacho cheese with jalapenos for kickers. I ate it in about 12 bites because the dog fell through the bun, disintegrating it into a mess – more than it already was. It was – hands down – the best hot dog I’ve ever had, and at $6.10 in CA, I consider it quite a steal.

After my belly was quite happy, we headed over to the observatory for a spectacular view of L.A. and a cool vantage point for photos with the Hollywood sign behind us. So, I really don’t have any idea how far we traveled today, but it was a good 4 hours of driving, so it’s safely something we won’t be doing again, but I wouldn’t mind eating at Pink’s until I’ve had every menu item I want to try.

Bucket list item: stand on the Hollywood sign – close enough!


  1. : )  Now I want a hot dog…  So you finally experienced LA : ) YAY!  But now you know traffic sucks…

    • I want a hot dog from there for about the next 22 days from what I saw on the menu… I had room for the nachos, cheese, and peppers, but that’s the Megase talking. 😉

  2. Christine says

    Motorcycles …just give them what they deserve for what I saw today.
    DUDE. NOT COOL. I plan on getting a motorcycle and what you wrote is a dangerous conclusion that you jumped to. Not all motorcyclists ride the same way, just as not all car drivers drive the same way.
    I am a CFer, and for a time I was a truck driver, and I saw plenty of four-wheelers do stupid, dangerous, obnoxious, distracted, mean, rude things ranging from mildly selfish to road-rage violent. If a person is an idiot, jerk, show-off or trouble maker, they will be one whether they are on a bike or on a bus. Don’t hate the whole group because of a few bad apples. I am a safe, responsible rider and I want to be alive for when we get our cure, so please remove that part of the post so I don’t get run off the road. Thank you, God bless, and keep getting fat!

    • Don’t jump to conclusions yourself nmy dad has been a rider since long before I was born. I am not going to keep my head on a swivel for idiots who weave in and out of stopped traffic. I didn’t throw an entire group together if you read my words, but thanks for the essay. Sorry, but I can’t stand it when people make me write a further 1,000 words explaining one sentence.

      • That really caught my eye too. You need to know – everyone should know in case they ever find themselves driving in California – that lane splitting is perfectly legal there. It’s the only state that I know of where it’s legal. It helps somewhat in reducing congestion if the 2-wheelers can get out of there.

        Personally, I don’t think it’s very smart. If I did it, that’s the time some cager (poor sap trapped in a steel & glass box) would open his door to spit & I’d eat the door. 😉

        On the other hand, sitting at the tail end of a line of cars is just asking for a Tampa driver (they listen for the big bang to know when to brake, if they bother to brake at all) to use you as a soccer ball. That’s why I always stopped with the bike aimed at the gap next to the car in front of me and kept it in gear till there was lots of “padding” behind me. Saved my bacon once that way.

        But there are bone head riders who do all sorts of squirrelly stuff. The people I rode with call them squids. You’ve seen them passing by on the shoulder on one wheel doing 125 mph wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops. Many of them do eventually reap the rewards of their behavior, hopefully before they produce offspring with similar intelligence. But I know you won’t want to be there – especially won’t want to be involved – when it happens. It’s incredibly sad, not to mention messy. Lane splitting in CA isn’t squid behavior – it’s just how they do things there.

  3. Another set of great photos. Makes me want to visit CA again!

  4. Anonymous says

    All it takes is 1 bad opinion of a group to spoil it for the rest.  That is everywhere.  I can’t stand semi-trucks and their drivers on the whole.  Does that make it fair for the rest of them that are safe?  Nope.  Unfortunately, I assume they are jerks until proven wrong. I can’t wait to see more of your pictures Jesse.  Are you going to upload them to Flickr?  I love messing around in PS.  It is really addicting!  I’m sure you captured some great shots this week.