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My Bucket List Took a Huge Hit Today

Pacific first time

I’ve been wanting to come to the West Coast, California particularly, for years now. Beautiful grew up in CA and I wasn’t able to come with her the last time she came with her family when we were dating, so this is my first chance to come out. We were coming into San Diego for landing when the pilot suddenly gave us a big burst of juice when we were at about 300 feet and up we went.

A plane had not cleared the runway, so we got waved off.

Onward we flew to the Pacific Ocean and made a huge round-about back over the Navy base and flew back through downtown for the No. 10 most harrowing airport landings in the world. If we hadn’t been waved off, I wouldn’t have seen the Pacific today, so I’m very glad.

First Pacific Ocean sighting: 4:46pm PDT May 24, 2011.