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It’s a Sinus Summer

sinusesFlorida has come full stride into the summer rain pattern. Read: any time, every day. It’s been raining 2-5 times per day for the last week now, and the barometric pressure changes are driving my sinuses bonkers.

Like my ENT wanted, I’ve been on vancomycin since my last appointment a month ago. Some mornings, I am literally stuffed on one side to the point that I wake up with flashbacks of having packing. It’s just one side, though.

Here’s what is super odd: I can’t make myself not sleep on that side. I know better, but almost every time I wake up, that’s the side I’m facing. Sleeping more inclined is a certain impossibility – I can’t even do that post-surgery to save my life, as if my life depended on it. I start out sitting up, but invariably end up on an armrest or scooched (Dang, how do you spell that? I give up.) all the way down to flat.

Also cool news is that I’ll be heading over to clinic with my old Hill-Rom Vest to donate it to another CFer in need who can’t get coverage… and providing another loogie sample to run a test again since my last results were more than odd. Better safe than sorry.

Aside from that, stay tuned Friday for the first in a very long, very exciting series that I’ve been planning for months. Just 12 more hours from now…