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Anniversary 2011 Trip Photos

We’re most of the way through our two-week vacation in Ohio/Niagara Falls now and have had a great time relaxing, visiting, and celebrating our anniversary. We’ve also been going crazy with our new camera. I’ve had my ups and downs of stamina walking about and seeing the sights around the hilly falls and have finally recovered from all of that exertion.

Not letting the cold or hills is how I outran CF last weekend. Sometimes it’s the small things that mean the most. Here are some photo highlights of our trip thus far. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I’ve enjoyed taking and editing them (especially liked editing the ones of Beautiful).

We walked down the falls on Saturday morning, heading out at 6am to get these shots and spent a good 90 minutes there.

American Falls Pre-Dawn

Canadian Falls Pre-Dawn

Beautiful and I took some photos of each other on the farm Sunday. What a hottie!

I’ve gone out to take some photos for fun, too. I think we’ll need a bigger hard drive before too long if we keep up this pace.

I’ve been good about doing my treatments morning and night, even though I’m sequestered to the living room but I am making good progress on my Netflix shows on my iPhone!

Tonight we are heading over to my uncle’s house for an early Thanksgiving dinner while 2 of the 3 “kids” are here. I’m sure my aunt will come for the real dinner next month, so I guess most everyone gets 3 huge holiday dinners this year. I don’t mind THAT a bit!

Stay strong, breathe easy people.


  1. Great pictures, Jesse. I really enjoy the one of your grandparents. That picture really is worth a thousand words. So much of life is seen in that one. You are right. The shots of Kristin are also wonderful. It is good for me to know that when you call her “Beautiful” you are not just referring to her looks! Glad you guys have been able to enjoy some beautiful sights that the Lord made. See you soon.

  2. MeganMurray says

    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures. You have a knack for photography, that’s for sure! I’m so glad that you are enjoying your vacation, and that you Outran CF all the way through the Falls – good for you! 🙂

    • Jesse Petersen says

      @MeganMurray We had to call it quits earlier than we wanted on our anniversary and didn’t go back down for fireworks, but we got to see every part that we wanted… and more when we went down the wrong street to get back to the hotel. Quite an adventure! Easily the best anniversary we’ve had.

  3. mildred.petersen says

    Good job on the pics! Sure have enjoyed having both of you here with us!!

  4. rburkhalter30 says

    The pictures are wonderful.

  5. Awesome photos Jesse and congratulations to you both on your 5 years of marriage.