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2012 Annual Clinic Is Today

Door #1I go in for my 2012 annual clinic visit today. A day filled with extra people, extra blood, and doing the PFTs in “the box.” I just had x-rays done during my ER visit in November, so I don’t have to go to the main part of the hospital for that. I’m doing my happy dance already. Technically, this is my 2011 annual because this was scheduled for December until a family emergency with the doctors canceled clinic for everyone.

You’ll see in my sidebar that I’ve gone almost 23 months without IVs! That is a personal record for me and I’m quite happy with that. However, I do feel like my quality of life is decreasing as a result of not hitting the bugs 24/7 from the inside in so long. Recent cultures have shown that I’m no longer resistant to several meds, so we will discuss the possibility of really getting into shape. Beautiful gets concerned when I cough this much, but since I keep up and I’m not wasting away, the numbers haven’t indicated that I need an intervention.

Today we find out what is behind door #1.

Several times last year, I was feeling pretty bad, but my PFTs continually rose all year. I don’t think that will be the case, but I’ve been wrong many times before about PFT predictions. No one can blame working too hard this time, as I take entire weekends off now and I generally go to bed between 10 and 11pm, yet I still “wake up” exhausted between 6:30 and 8:00am. I’m fighting something, and I don’t want anything affecting my health once we have our first placement.

The way we see it, I’ve been resistant to these drugs for years, so we can see why the doctors are always hesitant to put me on the 2-3 that still work. If they don’t work the next time I have an infection that requires an intervention, I would go downhill – fast. Since more meds are on the table now, we don’t see why we can’t discuss putting them out into play.

Ah, well. Enough thinking about that until I get my PFT results back. Stay tuned on Facebook for the results mid-morning, Eastern time.