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Pills, Meds, and Insurance

Daily medsSome mornings, taking too many pills is enough of a reason to not be hungry. They’re almost a meal in and of themselves. Am I right? I’m right!

I’ve seen some handfulls of pills from CFers on Facebook recently and got the notion to head to the table and grab all of my pills throughout the day. When that wasn’t enough, I went to the closet and refrigerator and got all of my neb’d meds, too. Something was missing… oh, my colistin from the basket next to my treatment spot!

That about covers it. This is what I take every day. Day in and day out.

Ready for your mind to get blown? What is the street value of these every single day if I didn’t have insurance? Some of these are a guess based on what we’ve been told about them if insurance didn’t cover an item while some have switched to mail-order, which doesn’t let me brag about saving $3000 on a prescription. This is my best guess, so, drum roll, please!

$12,960/mo = $432 every single day. That’s $52/hr for an 8 hour day or $18/hr every hour around the clock. For those keeping score, that is $155,520/yr – a number that still eludes my money-generating powers so…

This is why I don’t moan and whine about how much insurance costs because I eek out everything possible. My insurance alone is approaching $700/mo but it’s because it covers all of these items with no questions asked. Beautiful’s plan is under 1/3rd my price, but she doesn’t use hers much, so we more or less pay for her meds and have insurance to keep us from being bankrupted with a hospital visit or an $18,000 spectrum of tests that no one ever expects.

Sure, I’d rather pay $240/mo for the both of us like we used to when someone was kicking in on the premiums, but my lifestyle is so much better than it was then, so to have to earn an extra $600 between the two plans is a small price to pay to be able to do what we do. My state of mind is better. My ability to take a day or part of a day off just about any time I want is priceless to me. Today was sort of a blah day with my stomach, so after my 1pm call, I went to the spare bedroom and took a 2 1/2 hour nap. My phone didn’t ring, no life-shattering e-mails went unattended, and I was able to feel better just by relaxing.

I love our life.


  1. Markmannhome says

    Yep.  Looks familiar except for the quanity of blue and white caps in the front? What are those?  My pillls and bills are about the same as yours except I don’t take testosterone, the liver pill, or the nasal antibiotic.  Just started an acid reducer but not sure if I need it.  Jesse keep the faith and keep doing good in this race for life. 

    • Those are Zenpep. Any time you see that quantity, it’s going to be enzymes.

      • Thanks.  The Zenpep I take are white and gray.  I am fortunate to only have to take one tiny Zenpep with each meal.   Looking forward to hearing more about your Spiriva experience.   So glad it is working good for you.  Anything that can bring some improvement and relief is such a blessing.