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Abortion: A Closer Look

Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Planned Parenthood, Fundraising, and Abortion

Today has got me all riled up about the public outrage that Komen stopped funding for PP, which was in turn fought out on CNN by the PP President as an afront to women who get their basic medial care at PP, such as mammograms. See an attempt to get a mammogram from PP – it doesn’t happen, or at least doesn’t happen readily if they just couldn’t reach one that does mammograms.

The fight gets ugly when the sector that contains humanists, the Left, the pro-choicers, etc… whatever labels fit the sympathy that women have the right to abort – get their say on spending by a cancer foundation to promote the PP agenda, I’m sorry, services. I’ve been watching @komenforthecure on Twitter and they are saying all day long to people smacking them around publicly that PP is not an official partner, so all of this stuff is unfair. Well, if it’s so unfair that one side is against them and when they flip-flop back and it makes the other side mad because that group didn’t know PP was receiving funding from Komen, how is that any more unfair? Komen can’t keep this up very long and save face. They need to come out and say “yes, we give these (I almost used profanity) guys money, we’re sorry that upsets you, so if you want to take your money to Moffitt Cancer Center instead, go right the flip ahead.” I could respect that, but this is idiotic.

While we’re on the topic of PP (and indirectly, abortion), I’ve made a small list of people who were known to either be adopted instead of aborted or whose parents were pressured to abort them. Think about how different the world would be without these people: Art Linkletter, Dave Thomas, William (Bill) “Slick Willy” Clinton, Steve Jobs, Tim Tebow.

_________ represents the name of any CFer (or other genetically tested unborn) whose parents decided that life with a disease was more merciful than not giving them a chance. How many of us would be here today if our parents took their doctor’s advice about what to do with our unborn/born status? I’m honored to be in the same CF circles as someone like Jamey Remaley and her family that now includes Radek and now little Peyton who is still getting used to being in this world. Read her account of finding out her unborn baby boy was going to have the ΔF508/ΔF508 mutation. Good job, Remaleys! Sticking to your guns like that… you’re aces in my book.

Not something that I’d turn into my old English profs, but this is my emotional brain-dump for the afternoon after fighting with my insurance for an hour and trying to get Pulmozyme again.


  1. They kill babies and damage the mothers emotionally for the rest of their lives, but hey they won’t get cancer. I understand that there are thousands and thousands of people who cannot afford to get the medical help they need but guess what? There are places such as free medical clinics, county health care facilities that absolutely do free medical screenings for every type of cancer, diabetes, etc…. If you need help you can receive it. Also it would be absolutely beyond horrible to become pregnant because of rape or incest, but that baby is not a mistake and in no way deserves to be murdered because of a an act of violence. If someone really believes (which by the way, it seems that quite a few ignorant PP suporters do)  that PP takes the money that they receive and says “ok so let’s divide our funds because we are not suppose to use this to help fund abortions(something we strongly believe and support) than they are crazy. This whole thing has me in a tizzy too. Another thing that gets me going is that it seems these same *pro-choice people are all about saving the animals and animal rights. We as a society have our values and morals so twisted. We are living in a modern Soddom and Gomorrah. As you said- this was written with my heart and feelings and should not be held up to an English teacher’s standards, LOL.

  2. People in the future will look back on this barbaric practice in the same way we look at the ancient Romans and ask how they could have called gladiator fights “entertainment.” So tragically sad.

    • Or in the same way we look at how they did infanticide by throwing troubled babies off cliffs. Then again, the general population either doesn’t know things like that or doesn’t think through the implications of that.

  3. Amen!  There is a young woman named Lila Rose who did undercover video reports investigating PP and found many cases where advertised services such as mamograms were not available and never were.   Planned Parenthood was started by the eugenecist Margaret Sanger who wanted to eliminate undesirables from society.  In her grand scheme this included african americans, the disabled, and of course those of us with genetic defects.  Planned Parenthood’s roots stem from the eugenics theme of Nazi Germany.    Once you are tied to Planned Parenthood it is like they say hard to remove yourself from the pit. 

    • Indeed. Hitler started “mercy killings” of sick kids before the party really became what it was with toward the Jews and got public support for it. I wondered how far down the road we’d be from that when the Shaivo “vegetative state” case got in the spotlight a few years ago. I loved “Million Dollar Baby” until the end and got so disgusted that I never watched it again.

  4. Obama made preventative care a requirement now by insurance companies, so provided the woman has insurance…. it’s now required to be paid and covered with zero cost to the insured. I found that out on my last trip to the Doc. 🙂